2nd mesh router no internet access

  • Hi guys

    Please give me some input here. My setup:

    Fibre connects to amplifi hd router 1. All good. Wifi and ethernet works perfectly.

    Bought a second one to backhaul to another area in the house. All set up with latest firmware. 2nd router connects fine to first one using ethernet.

    My problem. I can connect to 2nd router with my phone but there is no internet access on wifi.

    If i connect ethernet to this 2nd router there is internet access. (using my pc)

    I then tried removing the backhaul and just connect the 2 routers to each other with wifi and all works. Internet works

    Any ideas as to why the backhaul option wont allow internet access when connected to 2nd router with wifi?

  • @Martin-Rautenbach Thanks for reaching out to us on the community. Just to get some clarifying information, was this a standalone router that you set up with the main router or was it part of a kit? Second, did you set up the 2nd router wirelessly first then enabled ethernet backhaul? If you set up the 2nd router as a mesh point then the whole network is meshed.

    Are you implying that you are connecting directly to the 2nd routers network? As I stated above, there is only one network that should be given off, thus it being a mesh network. A good way to test if the wireless is working on that 2nd router is to have it enabled with ethernet backhaul and enable an additional SSID. If you are able to connect to the additional SSID that the 2nd router is giving off then your connection should be good.

    Please direct message me if you would like to discuss this more.

    Here is the article on ethernet backhaul: https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006826048-Ethernet-Wired-Backhaul-How-To

  • Factory reset on both did the trick. Thx all

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