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  • Hello everyone,

    I bought a Amplifi router and separate two mesh points about two weeks ago.
    I live in a three stories house (basement where is the garage, entrance hall,..,1st floor where is the living room, kitchen and small office, 2nd floor with 3 bedrooms and a dressing).
    I am still searching what is the best placement for the router and the mesh points. Till now the router is in the basement,where the modem is situated, meshpoint one on the first floor and meshpoint two on the second floor.
    Till now my wifi speed has increased for about 25% in comparison with my previous setup, wich was a Fritzbox 7490 with a Fritz repaeter 1750e, also mesh capable. So I am very happy with the improvement. The only thing I am missing on the Amplify router is DDNS. I have several equipments that I want to be reachable trough the internet for all the members of the family (IP cameras, nas server, home security, etc.. I can get a fixed IP, but that would cost me 30€ extra a month. So please could you add the DDNS in your next upgrade?

    Kind regards

  • @ives-coppens thank you for the story! Placement of your meshpoints is something very specific to your environment but if you are still looking for advice on where to best place them, aim for over ~80% connection (100% could mean they are to close to each other) and avoid hallways if possible. Test your performance in the most active locations and move them accordingly.

    I will also add your feature request to our list for future consideration.

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