Very high RX errors (80% of packets), "lag spike" with high ping (Transmission power?)

  • I have an HD + 2 bundle, with only a few clients in the household.
    Signal strength is 80-100% for every device.

    Here is the list of devices in home that are connected regularly to the wireless:
    4 iphones
    2 macbooks
    2 xboxes
    2 light bulbs
    2 tvs
    1 echo dot
    1 apple tv
    1 ipad
    1 PC
    1 sense

    I notice on the xbox upstairs and the pc, that the ping goes bonkers, like stops responding completely and then comes back with 2000 and then resumes normal 60. Both to the game servers and google DNS, clients not on the upstairs mesh are unaffected.

    The mesh shows 100% connectivity to the base. I have switched from 2.4 to 5.0 and back to see if one channel is better for the mesh but alas same effect.

    While I am having this issue, there is not a lot of traffic to any of the devices besides netflix streaming onto the ipad, or the apple tv, or some youtube going on an iphone. I have set the 2 xboxes and PC to gaming, set the tvs and apple tv and ipad to streaming.

    Checking with my realtek wifi tool, the RX retry is ridiculous, something I don't see on our meraki network at work until high client saturation.
    I hit reset stats and first blip:
    540 packets total
    392 retries

    Looking into RX retries, an oft noted cause is the AP having a very strong signal vs the client.
    This could be completely true because of where the upstairs mesh is plugged in, 2 feet from the xbox, 8 feet from the PC.
    I don't have a way to reduce the strength of the signal that I can find.

    The house layout has the base downstairs on the north west side of house, then a mesh downstairs on south east, and upstairs on south west. That's as spread apart as I can put them, the house itself is like 45' long by 35' wide. Old house wood and plaster someplaces, drywall others.

    I am guessing that it is the proximity to the mesh, I actually unplugged it last night and left it connecting through the floor, signal dropped to 80% or so, still having decent RX retries.

    The realtek says it's signal is 100% but quality hovering around 60, with only the rx retries being errors.
    0 tx retries.

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