Amplifi with 4g

  • I want to buy and use Amplifi for wifi in my house. Problem is that we have 4g internet connection and Amplifi doesnt support 4g. I really want to avoid using an expensive and complicated 4g modem, thats connected to Amplifi, its such a hassle if there is a problem with either device and I have to look at them both and try fix the problem.

    So is there some cheap and simple 4g modem (maybe a dongle?) that you could recommend using with Amplifi? We have multiple computers and devices that will use the network and I speedtested the 4g with a 74mbps result.

    Is Ubiquiti coming up with an Amplifi -like product that suoports 4g/5g?

  • Who's your service provider? We had an issue with using hotspots (wifi), but our new ATT NightHawk's have an Ethernet port that I use to connect as a WAN device to a Ubiquiti product. If you have ATT, I would look at using the NightHawk. Otherwise, I don't know of another hotspot type device that will connect to AmpliFi.

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