WAN Link Aggregation Support

  • ISPs are now beginning to support gigabit in MANY places and some, with the use of certain cable modems, can even pull more than a full gigabit. They do this with a single coax cable in and 2+ gigabit ethernet cables out. Obviously, if the cable modem is pushing 2 gigabit ethernet cables out, you need a router that supports link aggregation with 2+ WAN ports.

    Suggestions/Feature Request:
    Is it possible (in the future with the current hardware) to turn one of the four LAN ports into a second WAN port with Link Aggregation support?

    I understand the difficulty in getting the current unit to even support gigabit speeds, so I have a feeling the answer is no. But if processing power isn't too limiting, this sure would be a nice feature to have. In theory, I might be able to pull 1.2gbps via Spectrum if I had the Link Aggregation support.

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