• AmpliFi firmware version V2.9.3 has been released.

    v2.9.3 release notes:

    • Performance improvements
    • Enhancements for AmpliFi Gamer's Edition

    It may take up to 24 hours for your device to receive this update

    Thank you!

  • Since installing this firmware update on my AmplifiHD system, my wireless devices keep pausing and losing internet for 15-30 seconds at various random times before coming back online. All of these devices are stationary. What happened with this firmware? Tried rebooting router multiple times, but with no improvement... This is causing some really annoying issues at my business where I am using this system. Please advise.

  • @scott-mckinney Are these devices connected to a mesh point, the main router or a mixture of both?

  • @ubnt-brett mixture of both. I will try turning A-MSDU back on, but typically that breaks the wifi connection on all my HP printers.

  • @scott-mckinney Please let me know how your tests go.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Anyone else with feedback on 2.9.3? I seem to be working fine on 2.9.2 and not sure whether to push the button yet 🙂

  • @joe-johal I haven't had any issues, outside of slow speeds, but that's been an issue with me and Amplifi for some time, not specific to this version. If anything it feels the same as 2.9.2 for me.

  • Well,this is my new system after RMA the first one for stuck on rebooting.

    So It was running good on 2.9.2 and I hit the update button wait 30 minutes and the system was stuck on amplifi logo.

    AC unplugged, start it again stuck.... Reset from below get back from the dead, reconfigured and now is working as 2.9.3. Performances seems the same as before. But Im scared everytime I reboot it I need 45 minutes to set it up.. If only Amplifi let us access to the firmware so we can restore it or downgrade whenever we want like all others....

  • @pedro-rivera You can back up your configuration via the web interface.

  • @harald-striepe Yeah I know, still a pain 😅

  • Factory reset fixed the issue for me with pausing of wireless devices at random times. All good now, so it appears, hope the next firmware does not break our system again...

  • Can we please get an option to pause device traffic in bridge mode on both Lan and wifi devices.

  • Hi Guys

    Was too quick to update this time. LAN speeds on my workstation is now unusable to the point where apps don´t think there is internet anymore.

    I have restarted the host, router, extenders etc. Everything is default as per update, so A-MSDU is off etc. Nothing changed on my host, this is what happened immediately after updating.

    Any ideas what could be causing this and what I could try?

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  • @edward-dolezal I hope so. A guest network in bridge would be nice.

    Another point of the update is that a lot is switched between the 2.4 and 5Ghz. WiFi turns on / off on devices. Speeds are good class. By walking with the devices there are many switching moments. it happens especially if the device is not used for a while and as soon as activity comes the WiFi will start working

    Reboot after update ... (not working)

    I now have a test with the function A-MSDU on .. (no idea if this gives a relief)
    More this problem?

  • @jaco-hage I continue to stay at 2.6.3 which runs flawless as I continue to read about poor to awful performance and messing up the config and I don’t want to start from factory reset as it was difficult to setup 2 routers and 3 antennas. Appreciate if anyone with experiences on 2.9.2 or latest can convince me what value there is to update?...all I read about is headaches....

  • @rich-sammon I guess that I am lucky. I have upgraded immediately after the last three or so updates and have never experienced a problem. My internet connection is only 100 / 10 mbits/sec down/up and I always get more than advertised on speed tests. Seems that a lot of people with problems have gigabit connections. I also have a ring doorbell, 2 nest smoke detectors, sprinkler controller, printer and such on 2.4 ghz connections that never have problems.

  • Odd I haven't had anything go wrong except the Singal strength of one of my Mesh points is stronger than before and both have major signal strength upgrades.

    Haven't had any speed issues at all.

  • I am going to revert back to the old version. My Ethernet connection is super unstable. It only works in bursts every now and then completely stops. The weird thing is that I can stream from one browser tab, and still the other aren´t able to connect so it´s like the router is capping the number of connections or something. It works perfectly with wireless on the same computer, and it worked flawlessly before upgrading

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