• Also I notice when I enable WPS on router and attempt to connect, I hear a bell once and then WPS stops on router even before the 2 mins ends. The printer however didn't succeed to connect.

  • After the update I am definitely having some LAN issues. Cube is in the basement. I have one CAT6 cable running from it directly to my upstairs network, mostly in the bedroom. The upstairs LAN went out while watching Netflix on the XBOX. Switched over the to PC and I was getting unidentified network. Went down and started moving things around on my ports. The main PC downstairs was getting 300Mb. The plex server next to it was getting 300. Swapped a couple of cables and the main PC was now getting 5Mb. Same port that died going upstairs. 1 port on the Amplifi cube is getting me nearly nothing, 2 are only getting me @40 and one is full speed. So now I'm running all through a Gig switch off that one port. Not really a problem with that, but I'd like to know why these other ports are suddenly not working properly.

    All other devices are WIFI and the room mates have not complained about anything with the WIFI. And they are on it all day long... pretty much.

  • @lionel-gilmont To my knowledge, nothing in the latest firmware release should have affected device connections, but I will reach out through DM to help you roll back firmwares, test and updated again to see if we can pin point the issue.

  • I continue to watch with amazement how many firmwares have been there in the past year. In fact, for the last 2 updates, the pleasure of having them work properly is that the system must be reset. That is not with every user.

    I suggest that the update no longer appears on the main display but on the second page of the LCD screen. This way you can protect customers to update. Many test users will have to indicate better what happens.

    It also occurs when users use older firmware to disconnect connections both wired and wireless. Then a user must update. But then the users can also end up in a procedure of ressets. I think that is not the right option if you have set up things like portforwarding, static lease and WiFi channels at customers.
    There should therefore also be an option that users can choose for themselves which version of firmware. A backup should save the old firmware version via USB while retaining settings.

    That would be a good solution at the moment

  • @lionel-gilmont have you checked the printers wifi settings or try to reset it to factory.

  • @ubnt-brett Have had to reboot router twice since this upgrade to fix very odd wifi stuff. First the Apple Remote on my iPhone kept dropping connection to Apple TV. Seemed like wifi was on but kept losing connectivity. Then most recently laptop stopped getting connected at which time I could not connect to router using app on iPhone though it was on wireless. Using wifi tool on computer there are now a bunch of hidden networks with same BSSID coming from both routers and the meshpoint. What's up with that? Don't have guest wifi and don't have another SSID configured.

  • I and many family members with AmpliFi installations are constantly having Apple HomePods drop off WiFi requiring a router reboot to re-establish an internet connection
    Rebooting the HomePod does not work

    Also experiencing severe download speed drops on iOS devices - seems fine for awhile then speed crashes

    Factory resetting the HD router does not fix these issues

  • I updated day one of 2.9.3 and have had 15-30s drops it's connection for mobile users so entire family is as happy as one can imagine.

    I've done a factory reset, played with the wifi settings in the web interface and the app and it's all the same just random wifi freeze which is a better description as the wifi never disconnects just stops working and not just internet it's the wifi in general as local resources and the router it self is unreachable until I either turn wifi off and back on again on my unto or wait 30s (sometimes more).

    Regarding speed u/d for 2.9.3 I have 300/300Mbit/s Fiber and I get around that or more when I speed test on both WiFi and cable.

    Anyone care to link me to a resource on how to revert back to 2.9.2 which worked fine for me.

  • It is true what is indicated at the top. Several customers experience a very unstable WiFi after the last update. Idem the LAN gives problems on music servers and fluctuates in speed. Also problems with Android failure WiFi and switches a lot between 2.4 and 5Ghz. (Without moving that device.)

  • It's odd every one is having issues mabye because I'm running bridge mode that that I'm not experiencing issues, I think they need to most likely fix the compatibility issues with apple devices and some android as the firmware is still very new I personally believe it will take some time to replicate and resolve, which I believe will happen soon.

  • Hi @edward-dolezal - I am running Bridge mode at 2 locations and experiencing significant issues with 2.9.3 and Apple devices

    On 2.9.2 I was having random pausing

    2.8.9 was fairly stable except for Teleport

  • @edward-dolezal Same here, running bridge mode with v2.9.3 and no issues - from my perspective, 2.8.9 and 2.9.3 are the most stable releases in over a year. No speed issues, default bridge settings, no reboots needed. Frontier FiOS 150/150; hardwired and wireless getting 160/160.

  • Does anyone know how to rollback? 2.9.3 is awful, I am getting constant dropouts on my SkyQ box which is only resolved by a full reboot or skyQ and the router. Dropouts seem to be random and only started with 2.9.3

  • @ted-savas Are you saying that after rebooting your network twice all of the issues are now fixed? I have reported this and we are currently looking into why reboots are necessary.

    Also, the WPS connection is broadcasted (just disabled) until activated on the device, this will be one of the networks your wifi tool is displaying

  • @derek-saville were you experiencing these issues with your HomePods before updating to 2.9.3?

  • @derek-saville what exactly is the pausing, you mean like the loss of connection or interrupted connection, also wall socket or power boards.

    I was also under the assumption that the apple devices were working at the moment, after iOS 12.

  • Hi @ubnt-brett - we have three locations with HomePods and have never experienced this type of disconnection prior to 2.9.3

    The HomePod (Siri) says it has no network access and to check the local Home app on iOS.

    iOS Home App shows the HomePod as disconnected and not accessible.

    Unplugging and plugging back in the HonePod does not cause it to rejoin WiFi - it reboots and gives the same network access error.

    Reboot the HD router and the HomePod joins the network immediately.

  • Hi @edward-dolezal - on 2.9.2, as an example, one can be surfing websites on iOS Safari, click a link, and the internet connection appears dead between 30 to 90 seconds.
    No WiFi access is possible during this ‘pause’

    All other devices on WiFi are fine during the pausing - it only affects the one device

    After the delay, it works fine again.

    2.9.2 is the first time I have personally experienced this.

    I assume it is what others refer to as ‘pausing’

  • @derek-saville have you tried a different DNS server by any chance, I know my pi-hole if it goes down I lose internet access as persay or if it does a list update because DNS resolution is temporarily down.

    Also have you tested another iOS device,.to see if it's just that unit in particular.

    If you are running it in bridge mode what is the router Infront of it?

  • @UBNT-Brett I believe the device needs a reboot scheduler that can be user set to have it reboot at a designated time eg

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