• @ubnt-brett thanks still not a big issue just was worried that someone would complain about the option not being there.

    Aslo I hope we get pausing device traffic on both lan and WiFi in bridge mode.

  • My speed have dropped from 100/100 to below 10 d/u.

  • @gert-lindstrom are you seeing this on wired, wireless or both? Did this happen right after the update or sometime after?

  • @ubnt-brett
    This was after the upgrade, we dont use the internet that much so 10mb works mostly. Noticed this when we we werr streaming tv to two different users.

    Idont have anything cable connected , only wireless.
    I did the speed tests from the routet and from my iphone.
    Checked with isp aldo, they dont ser any issues.
    The router is located at our cottage, will bring my laptop this weekend and test directly from the fiberbox to rule out that.
    Also test with the same ethernet cable that is used in the routers uplink port.
    Let you know on Saturday.

  • Hi I have been running V2.4.3 for a year now, because of the headache that seems to come when ever you update this box. I was wondering what advantages I would have of updating to V2.9.3 would I see any performance increases in my network??? My network is running fine but I keep thinking maybe after 1yr of updates there must be some improvements in the mesh network. It seems that the only way to get these updates to work is to do a factory reset afterwards, is this the case?? As this is a small price to pay for me as I only have a small network .

  • Any plans to implement hw nat for pppoe connection?

  • @ubnt-brett
    It is all sorted out.

    I think i had a cable issue. Swapped out the uplink cable and rebooted.
    All good again.

  • @ubnt-brett A while back I reverted from beta to release.

    What happened to restoring the saved settings? I do not see the options now that I need to use it.

    I was switching between using an EdgeLite and bridged mode vs router mode. When my ERL messed up after an upgrade, there was no way to connect to the Amplifi since the bridged mode does not allow static addresses for the router! I had to do a full reset and configure.

    I thought that would be no problem since a while back I saved my config. But there is no option for that in the web interface. It just points you to the brain dead app.

    Sheesh guys!
    You really need:

    • Fixed IP option in the bridged mode so a main router issue still allows for AmpliFi management
    • Config restore
    • A full browser interface
    • Better QoS than the binary mode you have

    This product has been out for a long time. Time to make it amenable to more than brain dead modes.

  • @harald-striepe click on the Support link, that'll take you to http://amplifi.lan/support.php (or whatever your address is). From there you can restore settings.

  • @simon-davies Well, duh. Thanks.
    The rest of the points still hold.

  • @harald-striepe Thank you for your suggestion! I will add it to the list of feature requests for future consideration.

  • @ubnt-jt Concerning QoS: just a group that gets lower priority would help to banish consoles downloading games and hogging the network or Windows doing an infernal upgrade,

  • @harald-striepe Just tried it. Profiles are there, but without the devices populating them.

  • What is the default self-assigned address when in Bridge mode with DHCP server not available.

  • @ubnt-jt I have some of my own requests for features if you don't mind,

    1.Pausing device traffic in bridge mode this should affect both wired and wireless traffic.

    2.Device identification in bridge mode, the same device detection that router mode had but in bridge mode because it's too annoying to rename devices.

    3.Use of the router USB Port, because everyone has been askofor it for a long time.

    4.Use of the router Wan port as a LAN port in Mesh point mode.

    1. Wifi isolation mode, and option that when enabled seperates LAN and wifi networks, meaning that wifi devices can't access LAN devices when this is enabled should be available for both guest and normal WiFi, I've seen this option in an amped wireless access point, should be available for both router and bridge mode works as a good security feature to protect the network forget guests devices

    2. A media bridge mode, that means the device acts as a WiFi client with devices accessing the network only via the any of the lan ports.

    3. Guest wifi mode in bridge mode, this is another thing that has been asked for for a long time.

    But also thank you and the rest of the team for all the hard work you guys put in I personally appreciate it alot, also thank you guys in advanced for the features that you do implement form this list.

  • @harald-striepe for QoS they would need to implement cake-fq_codel and possibly a DPI engine of sorts.

  • @edward-dolezal Thank you Edward, we put a lot of time and energy in to our products to make our customers happy. I will add your suggestions to the list of feature requests for future consideration.

  • @ubnt-jt could you please forward my gratitude to the rest of the team for me.

  • @ubnt-jt also one last request the ability to turn off wifi and the ability to turn off 2.4 or 5ghz.

  • @edward-dolezal Thank you for your requests!

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