• Hi @edward-dolezal - the HD’s are bridged to Comcast Xfinity XB6 gateways in the US (WiFi disabled, Xfinity hotspot disabled, etc.) and in Asia behind a J-Com model required by the apartment complex that I don’t have access to at the moment.

    DNS is locked in Asia.

    In a location we typically have 3 to 5 iPhones, 2 to 4 iPads, 2 to 3 Apple Watches, 2 to 4 HomePods, and an AppleTV or 2, plus computers, laptops and smart home devices for a total client load of 20 to 30 devices, almost all WiFi.

    When a client “pauses” no other device seems affected.
    I can be holding 2 iPhones and when one pauses the other can get to the same site immediately.

    In Bridge mode there is no QoS, but I tried double NAT’ng and setting priorities, but it didn’t solve anything.

    The HomePods are the only devices getting kicked off the network until a reboot of the router.

    One hypothesis is a pause is happening similar to other devices but the HomePod can’t recover itself for some reason.

    Ethernet speeds seem to stay consistent.

    At random times WiFi speeds drop to abysmally low levels, but tend to recover when load is removed.

    One last item, the one HD serving a Teleport still changes MAC addresses at times and seems to be related to IPv6 and Bridge mode.
    When my Teleport doesn’t work it is usually related to the MAC address change obtaining a different reserved IP causing the port forward to fail in the XB6.

    Change the port forward and it’s fixed until the HD decides to switch MACs' again.

    No factory reset or firmware has fixed this MAC issue so far...

  • @derek-saville I have experienced the same issue with HD in bridge mode when using Teleport. It would randomly get a new IP address (even though it was assigned a static lease)which would screw up the port forward for teleport to work. I had to stop using bridge mode, I thought I was going crazy trying to figure this out.

  • Hi @dion-dubé - the MAC flips between the WAN and the LAN side for no discernible reason and in no predictable way that I have been able to determine... @UBNT-JT do you want to tackle this one?

  • @edward-dolezal Hello & thx for the procedure, I didn't test it out yet due to holidays. Unfortunately I need some time in order to test this, family uses the network and need to find a "maintenance" window. I want to avoid having a "P1" 😉

  • @derek-saville can you test a static IP allocation on the home pod's for me see if that helps, and posssibly on the teleport as well.

  • @lionel-gilmont no problemo my HP laserjet is form the same year but I wired it because I'm too lazy to WiFi it it's too close to the switch any way, never tested it with WiFi but I might give it a go to see if i can replicate it.

    Mabye I might be lucky and not have the same issue.

  • @derek-saville upnp with a full cone Nat option should fix that.
    Also I'm thinking of it's possible to replace the ISP gateways with third party units, it possible the ISP boxes are the culprit.

  • @edward-dolezal I thought on the cable solution also, but my model doesn't have an ethernet port. Didn't check that when buying "crap"

  • @derek-saville Can you send me the support info in a pm? Thanks!

  • @lionel-gilmont It could possibly be a printer setting but also I'd look for the firmware update tool never know they randomly release updates for printers.

  • My iphone XS Max and latest gen Nvidia Shield both constantly drop wifi randomly. The phone drops the most often irrespective of signal strength; 8 times in the last 45min to be exact. It is not DNS as Dig still works perfect and changing DNS has no effect and other wifi devices continue to function. For example, the gen 3 appletv never loses wifi. It feels like the network is messing up at layer 4 somewhere. The moment I flip my phone to airplane mode and back the connection operates normally. All hard wired devices function flawlessly. This issue has only existed in 2.9.2 and 2.9.3 and is driving me mad. Changing wifi channels makes no lasting effect either.

    Is this some kind of failed auto switching from 2.4ghz to 5ghz causing this?

    I shouldn't have to load up pc with kali along with an expensive wifi antenna and trouble shoot an issue like this myself with a laptop as well. The whole point of amplifi is to make less work on myself. But now I have to shut down my network, make a new one, replace amplifi with a pfsense box, start logging, creat a failover for amplifi, and get to reading logs from all systems.

  • @gary-sorensen failing that you could send a support file to the team, rather than tackling the troubleshooting yourself. They are quite responsive.

  • @gary-sorensen 2.9.2 and 2.9.3 have the options for A-MSDU in the webUI. Do you have this option enabled or disabled currently?

  • @ubnt-brett I can't find the node based option only the client based one i thought it was emebded Into the firmware.

  • @gary-sorensen bridge mode or using it as a router?

  • I noticed a discount after a factory reset that is related to my Asus RT-ac88u dhcp querie frequency it's sort, but I suspect it's something to do with a spanning tree loop or and ip address conflict I settled it by address reservations on my 88u of all my amplfi devices.

    I couldn't access the kit amplfi that I have but the other two stand alone routers were fine the app could get the stand alone units but not the kits the mesh points were just acting as if had just powered them on while the router form the kit had an IP address.

    But my 88u is prone to strange issues since I'm running beta firmware and some times alpha, I believe it's the same issue I had before with a different router and devices dropping as in network devices not client ones, not surprised considering that it's an early revision of the device.

  • Also having the issue of constant dropouts and poor speed since installing the latest firmware.

    Could it be related to a combination of this firmware plus HP WiFi printers? A quick google search shows that Netgear + HP Printers have issues), see here...

    Regardless of the cause of the issue, how do I restore back to a previous firmware version. Me and my partner both work from home and need reliable and fast connection.


  • i am running in ap/ bridge mode.... but i believe that the new firmware has some issues with passing dhcp renewal requests from certain (apple) clients. call it a hunch.

  • @edward-dolezal I corrected my post, it is only the one option for wireless clients

  • @ubnt-brett thanks still not a big issue just was worried that someone would complain about the option not being there.

    Though I do hope in future we get some more options for tweaking in future updates.

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