My mesh points won't connect to my router

  • They go all the way up to "ready to connect", but then they don't connect to my router. I've already rebooted my router, and updated the software. What can I do?

  • Great question! I will happily relay some troubleshooting steps below that can help get those mesh points back online for you.

    1.) Please locate and hold the reset button found on each mesh point (bottom right of the power supply) and hold them down for 10 seconds until a high pitch beep resonates.
    2.) Follow up the factory resets of the mesh points with a factory reset of the router. This will help realign the pairing protocol between the mesh points and the router.

    Once the router is reconfigured and setup, the mesh points should reconnect automatically as they have been programmed to do so. If this does not resolve the issue, please feel free to reach out to our chat and phone support available here:

    Thanks for posting on our new community so we can better serve you!

  • I was having same issue, new router + mesh point. Router setup like a dream using app (mainly).

    Mesh point just wouldn't connect via app (kept taking me to a website which did nothing). I gave up and just used the router touchscreen directly, after going round and round in circles. The display said there was a device ready to be setup, so I pressed on it, and bingo, everything working and updating via app now.

    Ubiquiti could do some work here. The whole point is ease of use, hence the lack of configuration and security options. So then, why leave the basic setup process broken or subject to this level of frustration?

    We're just lucky we're able to nut it out as tech people. End users will put these through a window, and buy something else imo. That's a pity, cos it's a good system.

    Best of luck to everyone.


  • Also, why do I have 2x mesh networks (+ main AmpliFi router network) listed now, when I only have 1x mesh point?

  • @craig-jones The meshpoint was configured in 3rd party mode if it is showing up as a second network in the AmpliFi app.
    Your original issue could have been related to an original firmware on the meshpoint preventing it from being located by the AmpliFi network. If you the meshpoint is up and running, please follow these steps:

    • Update the meshpoint (Today the current FW is 2.9.3)
    • Factory reset the mesh point by pressing the reset button on the left side of the power supply with a paper clip for 10 seconds, a loud beep will indicate the reset was triggered.
    • In the app, switch to your "main AmpliFi router network" This Article will help you switch to that network.
    • Wait for the meshpoint to fully power up, and in the app tap "Add to network" once the mesh point is detected.

  • Hello,
    I've the same problem and after resetting both the Amplifi as the mesh network, it will not find each other.
    I can also not find the mesh network devices and can only install the amplifi with the app. So how can I give the mech network devices an update if I can't see them in the app?

  • I have the same problem. One mesh point was detected but the other was not.
    I already reset both and it doesn't seem to work the same.
    The strange thing is that I can see a network called "AFI-P-HD-F .... Recovery" that gives the idea that it is a mesh point that I want to add

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