What is my solution?

  • Hi..

    1. I have 2 rooms in a condo, same floor.
    2. The 1st room has it own router and connect to Internet.
    3. The 2nd room has it own router and connect to Internet.
    4. The rooms are not close together, it apart from each other by 30 Feet. separated by other 5 neighbour rooms.

    Can AMPLIFI help me to reduce my cost by cutting off the Internet in 2nd room and share the internet from the 1st room ? What kind of config do I need to obtain the optimum speed ?


  • @sukij-dansaikul If your condo is wired with ethernet then you could connect your 1st room to the a primary AFI-R, then ethernet backhaul a second AFI-R in the second room creating one continuous network but with both locations having maximum performance.
    If you do not have a wired option between the rooms, the AmpliFi HD kit will give you two wireless mesh points you can use to extend the wireless network to the second room.

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