Two possible bugs?

    1. Mesh point broadcasts a SSID as XXXXXX-5G on a 2G channel. I have multiple SSIDS enabled. AMPLIFI HD is configured in bridge mode. Confirmed 2G channel with Wifiman and Apple MBPro scan mode.

    2. SmartThings 2018 hub will not stay connected while attached to MeshPoint, but no issues when connected to base HD.


  • @james-harris Thank you for sharing your findings! I will report these to the development team and attempt to replicate.

  • @UBNT-Brett - Thanks. Let me know if you need any further information.

    For 1) I originally purchased HD Router with Teleport Kit, so no Mesh Points. Recently I added a mesh point (to extend 2.4 GHZ to the shed out back for Ring Floodlight). This is when I first noticed the XXXXXXX-5G SSID when attempting to connect Ring FL to my WiFi. Ring Floodlight does not support 5GHZ channel so I thought it was weird, but ignored it until recently. When running WiFiman, I definitely see the XXXXX-2G and XXXXXX-5G on the same channel of the 2.4 spectrum (Ch 11 in my case). The HD Router is only broadcasting 1 SSID on Ch 1.

    1. Mainly noticed when the Hub was moved to Master Bedroom to be closer to the shed in order to use Z-Wave for the door lock. I would receive disconnects via email from Samsung Cloud. There would be periods of >3 days before the Samsung Hub would rejoin the Wifi network. After several reboots/factory resets of the Samsung device, I decided to move it in the Office for testing. The HD Router is literally 1 foot away from the Hub and had zero disconnects. I just recently moved the Samsung Hub into the living room (between the HD Router and Mesh Point) and have had a couple of disconnects. I would reboot the Mesh Point to force the Samsung Hub to join the HD RTR broadcast since I can't steer device to join the preferred device.

    1_1546015474515_Screenshot_20181228-083847_AmpliFi.jpg 0_1546015474513_Screenshot_20181228-083819_AmpliFi.jpg

    Attached is the screen shots of AmpliFi setup. I can send support file if requested. I can send WiFiman results when I return home.

  • WIFIMAN results. You can see under 5G channel, that a Ch 11 is listed along with Ch 48. What sucks about it is that i think my devices are connected to the 5G channel, but really is 2G.

    0_1546039747684_Screenshot_20181228-152551_WiFiman.jpg 0_1546039751398_Screenshot_20181228-152604_WiFiman.jpg 0_1546039754159_Screenshot_20181228-152729_WiFiman.jpg

  • Looks to be resolved: Issue was Mesh Point was not "meshed" to HD router, but was added as an external mesh point (e.g. connected to a third party router). Factory reset the mesh point and adopted mesh point in the HD router. No longer see additional 2.4 broadcast listed as XXXX-5G network; still don't see why it would do such a thing regardless how mesh point was connected.

    SmartThings Hub issue may be resolved now that it's connected via a true mesh. I'll continue to monitor.

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