Best config for WiFi calling via cell

  • Hi All,

    My coverage seems OK. However, I am dropping a lot of calls with my iPhone using WiFi calling. Just wondering if there is an optimal setting for better coverage?

    Should I have separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5, then sit my phone on the 2.4 SSID for better coverage?

    Also, i’m In bridge mode with the xfinity router still supporting it’s own WiFi channels too. Should I turn off the xfinity WiFi and just stick to the AMPLIFI HD WiFi only?



  • @mark-linehan Mark, I would recommend disabling your Xfinity routers wifi, by leaving it on you are creating noise that will affect your performance. What does the signal look like to your mesh points? You may need to move them around to ensure they are getting a good signal.

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