Using Teleport to extend home network to cabin

  • Received my teleport recently, ordered direct from Amplifi and was shipped to Canada quick and free shipping.

    My use case is to extend my home network to our cabin. This is mostly to allow for a secure and encrypted connected for my Open Media Servers to rsync themselves. This gives a full offsite backup of data.

    Plugged the unit in at the cabin, connected teleport to my cabin wifi without issue, connected the OMV server to the ethernet port of the teleport and everything works great. Local devices (at the cabin) can connect to the local OMV server without going out over the VPN connection (which is great).

    And then it happened....power bumped and when the teleport restarted itself it was trying to connect via the ethernet port (it was connected to the OMV server) and was stuck didn't go back to the wifi connection previously configured. This is obviously bad. It should stay on the mode it was configured for or until I decide to change it. I need a way to disable the ethernet port from trying to be the connection method...suggestions?

  • @dion-dubé Teleport can be configured both through LAN or wireless, but the configuration should stay the same regardless of having constant power. You can factory reset the teleport by pressing the reset button with a paper clip and it will not remove the pairing to your home network. I would reset the teleport and configure the connection to your wireless network again.

  • @ubnt-brett thanks for the response but I think you are missing the issue. If you have teleport connected via wifi and then plug in a wired device such as a laptop, then if the teleport loses the connection to the amplifi router or loses power and restarts it is stuck trying to get an IP via DHCP on the ethernet port, this obviously wont work and it should either not attempt to connect via ethernet and go back to the configured wifi connection or timeout trying to connect on the ethernet port and go back to the wifi connection.

  • @dion-dubé Can you generate a copy of your support files from the Teleport after you experience this issue? You will need to use the UI to generate them. Once connected to the teleport network navigate to http://amplifi.lan and select support.

    I personally have my Teleport configured wirelessly and a laptop connected via the ethernet port (sounds identical to the scenario you described). When Teleport powers down or when the router is rebooted my configuration never resets so there is something going on in this scenario that we need to identify.

  • @UBNT-Brett it seems that now I am no longer using my HD in bridge mode the issue has gone away. What I was observing was likely due the mac address issue we are seeing when in bridge mode. One more test I will try is to turn off the HD and then reboot the teleport so it cant connect to the HD and see what the behavior is when the HD also comes back. Will post the results.

  • @ubnt-brett , have finished running my tests and have definitively determined where the issue lies.

    Test 1:
    Teleport connected to remote wifi, ethernet port connected to computer.
    Everything is up and working fine and connected to AmpliFi HD router.
    Turn off remote wifi (either by disabling wifi on remote wifi router or rebooting remoate wifi router). Wait for Teleport to blink the circle.
    Turn on remote wifi
    At this point the teleport device is stuck for ever in the blinking round circle and when you connect to the teleport AP if is indicating no internet connection of ethernet port and presents a list of available 2.4G and 5G wifi APs. Behaving like it hasn't been configured, rebooting Teleport does not help. Bad

    Test 2:
    Same as test 1 but with no computer connected to ethernet port.
    Exact same behavior. After the remote wifi comes back the Teleport is stuck on blinking blue circle and you have to re-configure it to the remote wifi AP, rebooting teleport does not help. Bad

    The following support files have been generated:
    Support file generated when everything is working good.
    Second support file generated when remote wifi disabled.
    Third support file generated when remote wifi is re-enabled.
    no reboots between any of the first 3 support files.
    Fourth support file generated after rebooting Teleport

    Bottom line is if the wifi the teleport is configured to goes away for any reason you are stuck and it doesn't recover.

    DIon3_1546807120328_AFi-T_f09fc2025caf_2019-01-06_20-23-04-enc.tar 2_1546807120328_AFi-T_f09fc2025caf_2019-01-06_20-21-35-enc.tar 1_1546807120328_AFi-T_f09fc2025caf_2019-01-06_20-18-06-enc.tar 0_1546807120327_AFi-T_f09fc2025caf_2018-06-11_11-47-59-enc.tar

  • @dion-dubé Thank you for posting this detailed test and supplying the support files. We will be researching this further.

  • @ubnt-brett thanks! Looking forward to your reply.

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