Managing Configurations on my Mac

  • I have not logged into my account via my computer for over a year but I have the ampli app on my phone and can see my account and network information. I just tried to log in and see this same information on my computer but 1) when I tried to sign in I was told I did not have a valid account and I had to recreate an account and 2) I cannot see any of my network information. Am I just not remembering correctly and see my network information on my computer was never an option? If I should be able to view my network information through a computer, what do I need to do to fix this? thank you.

  • @alicia-bennett If you know your Amplifi routers IP address or http://amplifi.lan (you can find this on your Amplifi mesh router touch screen) type it in a browser and login to it locally. Note that you will not have the same abilities from your computer as you have with the Amplifi app. Your password should be the same as the WIFI password.

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