2 KIT meshpoints not working : how to be sure they are hard coded to MY router ?

  • Dear forums, Ubiquiti team,

    I purchased an Amplifi HD Kit from a local shop. It was sold as a 'demo' unit. This kit contains an Amplifi Router, and 2 mesh points.
    Additionally, I purchased another (seperate) mesh point at the same shop.

    Now, this last mesh point is connecting perfectly fine. I've tried to connect, reset, and re-connect at least a dozen times.
    Each time, it does it job perfectly.

    The two mesh points included in the original kit however : they will not connect at all.
    Their LEDs keep indicating : trying to connect. LEDs are running/lighting up from the inside, to the outside.
    It will do that, forever. Factory resetting the mesh points, and/or the router unit does not improve the situation.

    It is my understanding, that meshpoints included in a kit are 'hard coded' or 'paired' to the included original router.

    I am starting to believe, that these two meshpoints don't really 'belong' in my kit. Perhaps somebody made an accidental mix-up.

    Now my question : is it possible to know for sure, that my mesh points actually 'belong' to this router ?
    If I give you my serial numbers for instance, is it possible for you to check that they should (theoretically) be able to pair ?

  • I was told some time ago by tech support that Mesh Points which are part of a kit have TWO bar codes on the back vs. only one when sold individually. Perhaps the second barcode is that of the router???

  • @marco-de-jonge Please check the back of your mesh point, if you have two barcodes the bottom one should match the router you were sold.

  • Thank you both for your fast anwers, and a happy new year to you 🙂 !

    Both of the failing mesh points have two bar codes.
    However, none of them match a barcode on my router.

    So, conclusion must be : they do not belong together in a kit ; they will never be able to pair. Can anyone from Ubiquiti team please confirm this ? Confirmation would certainly be helpful, and simplify my communication with the shop.

    I found out in the meantime, that all included barcodes/MAC ID's/serial numbers are shown on the original kit box.
    In my case, it shows that the included router is not the original one...

  • @marco-de-jonge Yes if those barcodes do not match the routers barcode then the meshpoints are not paired with that router.

  • Thanks, very helpful! I'm now taking this up with the shop.
    They seem to understand and do the right thing, by asking to return the kit.

    Will follow up here when necessary. But I believe it'll turn out fine. Thanks again!

  • Just a short follow-up : the kit is now replaced with a another Amplifi kit. Works perfectly fine now.

    In fact, the best wifi coverage I ever had. In retrospect, one meshpoint would have had been enough already. The second meshpoint does improve coverage on the second floor, but was not too bad without it already. The third meshpoint, i guess I won't be using it. I'll stock it, Just in case that one fails in the future.

    Nice products, big step forward coming from my not-so-cheap Asus'es !

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