New construction home, wiring box in basement (need advice)

  • So we are due to move into a new home in a few weeks. Three levels: basement, first and second floors. I would like to place my Amplifi on the first floor with a mesh point on a the second floor and another in the basement (which is unfinished). The network box is in the basement and it has two smart tubes, one runs to the family room on the first floor and the another terminates in the attic above the second floor. It's my understanding my ISP will be installing the FIOS modem into the basement and patching into the box (see attached picture). What I'm curious is, if the FIOS goes into the "service" input, where does the Amplifi router come into the picture? The only scenario I'm familiar with is patching the modem into the WAN port of the router but if the internet service is directly patching into the panel...I'm not sure how that works. I don't want to install the router in the basement...that's a non-starter for me.



  • @mason-foley normally, youd place the router near themodem (fios), but if you want HD unit on main floor, utilize the smurf tube and pull a few ethernet cables. Use one to connect the fios and wan port and have some spares back down to the basement for future use.

  • But doesn't that bypass the wire closet entirely? (See green cables which run to different rooms).

  • Green wires look like their connected to phone block, so they may or may not be fully wired. Phone only needs two wires, gigabit needs all eight.

    You could reterminate both sides and pop in a rj45 keystone to use as ethernet.

  • Yea just re read. Fios wont connect there (to green wire block) unless you get phone service. Fios will provide an ethernet out to your router. Green wires are for phone service, but you could reutilize it as ethernet connections if all wires are pinned out. Im not familiar with Fios equipment, and things may have changed, but wiring hasnt.

  • Exactly. I have since found out more about this phone block. I was a bit mislead by the installer when he said "We can run ethernet to whatever rooms you want." Well, they ran cables but they patched them into this TM1045 pots panel. I misunderstood that panel to be a switch of some sort which isn't the case.

    So what I will be doing is placing the Amplifi HD unit on the first floor in the family room (which is where one of the orange "smart tubes" runs to). The fiber modem will be installed in the network box in the basement and we will run a cat6 cable from it up to the Amplifi unit into the WAN port, then we will run another cat6 down to a 8 port gigabit switch also sitting in the network box and then I will take all the green ethernet and plug them into the switch to make them "live".

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback and input.


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