Amplifi deadspots and phone

  • Hello, all
    Just set up my new mesh system with Amplifi yesterday. I have a few minor issues still that I would appreciate assistance with.

    1.I purchased a arris surfboard sb6190 modem to go along with it. I have not hooked up the modem yet because I have a lan line through spectrum and I was going to get a splitter so I can run the coax to both modems. Anyone know if this is possible?

    I have the 400mbs internet through them and was only getting average 220-270. Once I hooked up the amplifi router I started getting 330-350 which is a big improvement but was hoping to get closer to 400.

    2.The other issue I'm having is that one of the reasons I purchased a mesh system was to alleviate deadzones in my new home, but even with one of the mesh points in my front bed room I'm still receiving a poor signal around 20-50 mbs. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  • @sirxup Consult Spectrum for your modem setup, also let them know you are setting up a router behind it. As for your signal/ speed issues could you post the settings and signal levels for the mesh points?

  • Thanks, I'll give them a call asap. I have 100% on one mesh and 84 on another. The 84 is in the room I was having / have the deadzone. The thing is the previous owner had the modem and router set up underneath the living room tv cabinet. Which happens to be a built in wall unit. This is the only part of the house that has a phone jack. I was considering having an electrician come in to do some ethernet drops. What do u need exactly for me to post specs?

  • @sirxup It sounds like interference, you should be able to connect to it no problem in the same room unless there is a lot of interference there. Try moving the mesh point around to another location. What are your wired speeds like?

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