Wi-Fi speed faster than wired

  • Could anybody help please? I have recently upgraded from 200mbps internet to 350mbps. At first I thought my ISP hadn't upgraded me as using the in-built speed checker on my Amplifi HD router was showing <200mbps.

    However, doing a wi-fi speedtest using my tablet, I could see circa 350mpbs.

    Going to my hard-wired PC and doing the same check, I was getting the same results as the Amplifi i.e. <200mbps. I have heard of Wi-Fi being slower than wired but this is odd in my experience. Can anybody suggest why this may be the case?

  • That is odd because WiFi is half duplex and Ethernet is typically full duplex. Id check to see if your PC is negotiating at 1000 mbps/full duplex via the Network Connections menu. If not, try a new cable. Also, it wont hurt to try another LAN port on the AmpliFi HD itself.

  • @salim-adam Since you upgraded service from 200 mbps to 350 mbps have you performed a factory reset?

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