Off-line after reboot

  • Hi folks, I’m new here.

    I rebooted using the app while I am away from home.

    Having done this before I wasn’t expecting an issue.

    However, this time, the system is showing as off-line in my AMPLIFI app.

    Weirdly, my ring video doorbell and other ring devices are online because I can access them, so the Internet must be up at my house. Although other cameras, by different manufacturers, are not accessible to me.

    It seems to be a situation where the Internet is up for some devices and off for others as well as being off for my remote access in the AMPLIFI app.

    Pretty weird, huh?

  • @Ben-Wilson that is very strange behavior. There may have been an issue with your profile linked with remote access. Check to make sure that remote access is enabled still in your AmpliFi app. If you are having remote access issues you can firstly logout of your profile through the app and re log in, if that doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall the app.

    Please DM me if you have further issues.

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