Pairing Teleport Remotely

  • The documents make it seem like it's possible to pair a Teleport with a mesh router when not at home. I bought my parents a Mesh router and Extender for their home in NY. When I got back to California, I purchased a Teleport so that I could VPN into their home and use their TV services and view photos on the backup network storage.

    Is there any way to accomplish this? Can Amplifi pair this for me so that I can approve it in the app? This is disappointing because I'd have to mail the Teleport to my parents, hope they can set it up and then have them mail it back....

    I manually updated the FW to 2.7.0.

  • @cody-goodermote Currently remote pairing is not an option, to pair your Teleport you must be in proximity to the AmpliFi router.

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