Integrating to existing network

  • Hello,

    I am thinking of buying the Amplifi Mesh HD system to replace the base wireless capability in my ISP Modem. I have printers and a NAS connected into my wired network, and need to be able to smoothly integrate any new wireless system so I can access them. Will the Amplifi system do that?

  • @jim-conrady I have just done something similar and it was a bit of a struggle and the outcome, whilst good, is not perfect. The steps i performed were

    1. Connect WAN port of AmplifiHD to spare LAN port on ISP modem.
    2. Start setup of AmplifiHD using iOS app.
    3. Finish the setup ignoring error reporting either no IP address or no internet connection.
    4. On the Internet page of the app assigned a static IP address and filled out the other fields appropriately.
    5. Rebooted the AmplifiHD for good measure.

    AmpliffiHD is now acting as a WiFi access point on my network. The drawback is that all devices that connect to the AmplifiHD are on a network subnet different to the rest of my (wired) network. This mostly doesn't see to be a problem except that I had to move my Sonos bridge a AmplifiHD LAN port otherwise the Sonos system could not be found by the Sonos app running on a mobile device.

    If I had known the struggle setting up this device I would not have purchased it. But I do now have a mesh network (had previously purchased an Ubiquiti AMPLIFI AFi-P-HD Wi-Fi MeshPoint) that performs well.

  • @steven-brydon if your Amplifi HD is generating another Network and assigning IPs it is not in AP mode.

  • @steven-brydon If you would like help setting up or configuring your current setup feel free to call in. We would be glad to help you. It sounds as though you are running AmpliFi in default DHCP mode, if you would like to set it as an AP you can simply enable bridge mode.

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