More clarity in the clients list and in the static leases list

    1. The section of the Android app which shows the connected clients shows the user-created client groups on the top and the individual clients on the bottom of the list. Current traffic is displayed for the individual clients but not for the groups. It would be useful to also see current traffic for the groups, for example to see how much is the total traffic for phones, how much it is for TVs, how much it is for the kids' devices, etc.

    2. Also the list of clients should be sortable by name (alphabetically ascending/descending) or by the traffic (ascending/descending). For example I'd like to sort the list of clients by traffic, descending, to see which clients have the largest mount of traffic. For this sorting to look nice probably the groups and the individual clients should be put into separate lists.

    3. It would also be great if next to the groups and clients we could not only see the current traffic but also the total traffic since the statistics were last reset. Also to be able to sort by total traffic (ascending/descending)

    4. In the static IP address leases screen I would like to be able to sort the entries by name and by IP address. Currently it is sorted as the Android app sees fit, it's too rigid. I have 30-40 static leases, so it's important to have some clarity in that section of the app.

    PS: all sorting mentioned above should be remembered by the app, so that I don't have to re-sort the lists every time.

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