Slow Speeds on Mesh Points

  • Good morning,

    I am seeing some odd behavior with the mesh points speed that I cannot seem to resolve with any changes to the Amplifi configuration. I have tried all kinds of different settings adjustment and have not seen any material difference upwards, only downwards.

    On a 100MBPS ATT connection, my primary router is pushing wireless speeds between 60-75MBPS to my iPhone and MacBook Pro, which is around what is expected. However, when the same device is connect to a Mesh Point, the speed drops to 20-25 or less. At times, the upload and download speeds are equal and hover around 16-17MBPS.

    Seems like a tremendous throughput loss and defeats the purpose of the mesh network if so. I also believe that these types of speeds are more typical as a result of the latest firmware update.

    There is no way that this is considered normal, but any thoughts are appreciated.

  • One additional detail--I am ensuring that the devices are connecting on the 5gHz band, so that is not the culprit.

    Thanks again.

  • Another detail--connection to all Mesh Points to the primary router is 100%. No issue there.

  • @dylan-rhea-0 I would recommend scanning your environment to see what kind of noise and interference we are looking at, that could be a culprit. Also, we don't want the mesh points to be to close, try moving them to roughly ~90% connection strength and avoid placing them in hallways.

  • Thanks Brent. I am scanning now and have not found anything out of the ordinary yet. Also, the mesh points are a good distance from the main router. One is in a completely separate bedroom on the same floor, while the other one is on a lower floor against the wall in the dining room. Both report strong signals between 96-99%.

  • The mesh points in this system have always been terribly slow, on all firmware versions in the last 2 years. Your best bet is to throw the mesh points away like I did and buy additional HD routers to use as mesh points, they work much better, not sure why but definitely a flaw in the system.

  • @scott-mckinney I'd say the situation depends from one case to another. Me, personally, can't say I had much issues with the entire system, overall. Ok, bits and bytes, here and there. But, overall, it behaved ok-ish.
    Ofcourse, things differ from house configuration to another, from walls to appliances interferences and so forth. I would't recommend throw away the mesh points, to be honest, at least, they look nice ūüėČ

  • @dylan-rhea-0 I have the same issue. Just put my mesh point on pause and went from 8/12 to 169/34 as I‚Äôm suppose to have and as the app gets when it runs a speed test directly on the AMPLIFI unit. I guess the mesh point is slowing everything down. BUT! After 10 mins it slows down again and I‚Äôm now getting 20/23 ūüėě still with the mesh point on pause. AMPLIFI please fix or come up with some tricks.

  • @mads-bolding We are currently in transition with our on board speed test servers. We are currently researching this issue, but can you please test using a 3rd party speed test as well as the AmpliFi speed test?

  • I think I'm having the exact same problem with my Amplifi with 2 mesh nodes (the ones you put directly in the outlet).

    If I connect my MacBook Pro 2018 and download a game from Steam I got maximum 7MB/s download speed (approx. 55 Mb/s).
    If I unplug the mesh node (in the middle of the download) and connect directly to the Amplifi router I get 30.5MB/s (approx. 245Mb/s)

    I have 5Ghz as backbone and three SSID in total, one Guest (with mixed 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), one SSID with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and one SSID with only 5Ghz. It is the last one (pure 5Ghz) I used in this test.

    I've ran a scanner and my channels are 1 and 36, I can only see two other wlans from my neighbors and the are using channels 108 and 11 so it shouldn't be any interference. The Mesh node I did the above test on has 100% signal from the router.

    I've tried with other devices (iphones, ipads, other macbooks) and the results are the same the download speed is terrible using the mesh node.

    I bought these a couple a months ago but I didn't notice it before I installed fw 3.1.0, but maybe it was there all along, I just didn't notice it before?

    Is this by design, should the Mesh nodes have this kind of performance?

  • Now I've tried to unplug the mesh node and plug it in again, and now I reached atleast 25MB/s. So it seems that it gets better for a while if I restart it.

    I restarted it about two days ago and it was slow yesterday and today, so it seems to degrade over time until I restart it again.

  • @andreas-sj√∂kvist Can you generate support files from your system when you see the system performance degrade over time?

  • @ui-brett Sure, today it seems okey though, 153.9 Mbps down and 164 Mbps up. But I'll keep my eye on it. ūüôā

  • Now I've experienced some slowdowns again but nothing extreme, but I'm losing about between 50-100Mbit download and 100-130Mbit upload if I connect wireless to the mesh node vs the Amplifi router.

    I've sent you a support file via e-mail created on the Mesh node.


  • @andreas-sj√∂kvist Just so I understand correctly, you are still seeing normal speeds when connected to the router, its when you connect ot the wireless meshpoint that you see the loss. It is expected to have lower performance when connected to a wireless meshpoint vs the main router because you have one additional wireless "Hop" that the data needs to travel.

  • @mads-bolding I just recently replaced an Eero mesh system with the AmpliFi Instant. I use a gigabit back haul , and have 200Mbps internet. At the router, I get about 220Mbps and down stairs near the mesh point I get around 140Mbps with the mesh point off, and about 20-40Mbps with the mesh point on.

  • @armand-welsh When you have the mesh point connected and are seeing speeds at 20-40, are your devices connected to the mesh point or the primary router? I know you said near the mesh point, just wondering if you can confirm connection point in the AmpliFi app.


    Just got off with "Victor" from tech support. I called about the very same issue without having seen all these posts. I think that they are banking on idiots.

    First piece of advice: "put router on bridge mode". Not only does this router lack some features, but not having family control is a problem. So that would be degrading the thing.

    Second piece of advice" "unplug your mesh points". Why? "Because you can't expect the same speed when the signal has to go through one extra jump". But is this not a mesh router? I have google mesh in another house and it is fast regardless of where I am.

    The short of it is that this is a feature-limited average router with two crappy access points that give you Wireless B speeds. I would say I am wrong. . .but I have 100 mbps. I get 20-30. Others here with 200 get the same.

    When I tell "Victor" that the problem is the mesh points, he says "it is not a problem". Really? For who? I didn't buy the most expensive router at the time to get 25mbps access when connected to a mesh. What is the point of the whole thing????

  • @ui-brett you guys should be sued for lying to people. This router does not do what you guys say it does.

    Your claims:

    • . . . two wireless SUPER [emphasis added] mesh points for maximum Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home [Not true unless 25mbps on a gigabit router is "maximum"]
      *The HD Kit provides maximum wireless performance in an innovative and elegant design [half true. No maximum anything from the mesh points. So referencing the "kit" is false. The aesthetics is true--Yay!!]
      *AmpliFi’s multi-radio Wi-Fi system eliminates dead spots utilizing mesh point technology to provide premium, ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home [Premium? Ubiquitous? How does one not notice when your internet speed drops to a fraction of what you pay the provider for?]
      *AmpliFi provides enterprise-strength network capabilities with at-home simplicity. Just unbox the mesh points and plug them in to any standard outlet. With two in every package, boosting your signal strength couldn’t be easier. [Enterprise strength??? What Enterprise? GoGo WiFi on Delta???]

    You are lying to people by offering a $300 router and claiming it is a mesh router and that people can enjoy 802.11AC strength when it reality it is closer to 802.11A/B. You know this too based on the rest of these comments. And based on my conversations with "Victor" once I didn't swallow his "signal jumping" causing 75% speed decrease.

    Crooks. I will do nothing moving forward except post thousands of reviews on this product. Until it goes to 1 star, I will not stop.

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