Slow Speeds on Mesh Points

  • Good morning,

    I am seeing some odd behavior with the mesh points speed that I cannot seem to resolve with any changes to the Amplifi configuration. I have tried all kinds of different settings adjustment and have not seen any material difference upwards, only downwards.

    On a 100MBPS ATT connection, my primary router is pushing wireless speeds between 60-75MBPS to my iPhone and MacBook Pro, which is around what is expected. However, when the same device is connect to a Mesh Point, the speed drops to 20-25 or less. At times, the upload and download speeds are equal and hover around 16-17MBPS.

    Seems like a tremendous throughput loss and defeats the purpose of the mesh network if so. I also believe that these types of speeds are more typical as a result of the latest firmware update.

    There is no way that this is considered normal, but any thoughts are appreciated.

  • One additional detail--I am ensuring that the devices are connecting on the 5gHz band, so that is not the culprit.

    Thanks again.

  • Another detail--connection to all Mesh Points to the primary router is 100%. No issue there.

  • @dylan-rhea-0 I would recommend scanning your environment to see what kind of noise and interference we are looking at, that could be a culprit. Also, we don't want the mesh points to be to close, try moving them to roughly ~90% connection strength and avoid placing them in hallways.

  • Thanks Brent. I am scanning now and have not found anything out of the ordinary yet. Also, the mesh points are a good distance from the main router. One is in a completely separate bedroom on the same floor, while the other one is on a lower floor against the wall in the dining room. Both report strong signals between 96-99%.

  • The mesh points in this system have always been terribly slow, on all firmware versions in the last 2 years. Your best bet is to throw the mesh points away like I did and buy additional HD routers to use as mesh points, they work much better, not sure why but definitely a flaw in the system.

  • @scott-mckinney I'd say the situation depends from one case to another. Me, personally, can't say I had much issues with the entire system, overall. Ok, bits and bytes, here and there. But, overall, it behaved ok-ish.
    Ofcourse, things differ from house configuration to another, from walls to appliances interferences and so forth. I would't recommend throw away the mesh points, to be honest, at least, they look nice 😉

  • @dylan-rhea-0 I have the same issue. Just put my mesh point on pause and went from 8/12 to 169/34 as I’m suppose to have and as the app gets when it runs a speed test directly on the AMPLIFI unit. I guess the mesh point is slowing everything down. BUT! After 10 mins it slows down again and I’m now getting 20/23 😞 still with the mesh point on pause. AMPLIFI please fix or come up with some tricks.

  • @mads-bolding We are currently in transition with our on board speed test servers. We are currently researching this issue, but can you please test using a 3rd party speed test as well as the AmpliFi speed test?

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