False advertising & missing features and refusal to refund

  • Hello there

    I wanted to write a public article which will be posted in a few location to let people know to stay away from this company,

    I purchased this product as it came out on the market and from day one even before release this company advertised this product as Fiber / Gigabit ready in reality when the product came out HW nat wasn't even coded/ functional and for months max you could get was 600 Mbit if you were lucky, After the HW nat came out i spoke with a ubnt engineer which told me they could not get PPoE and hardware nat to work together because of hardware limitation so it will never be implemented (another things never mentioned by the said company)

    Today the product is non functional as port forwarding incur in a bug where the bandwidth is ridiculous 1-5 MB on a 115 MB/s line

    After wasting my time to test multiple firmware sent by ubnt nothing worked and after 2 month of staying in this ridiculous state and my multiple request to receive a refund and return the product today they communicated to me that the product need RMA, I asked again for a full refund of my purchase price and they keep hiding behind their company policy as they are absolute or like written in law (which is a lie)

    i'm posting here to let other know how this company behave if anyone ask i can post here all the email with proof anytime i have nothing to hide

    Long story short this company lies about features, Hide behind policy to not do what should be right to do in this case.

    My ticket number 131165

  • sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience. i have had the opposite experience, amplifi support has been stellar and their hd router has been the only one that has consistently worked at 900+ mbps wired, 400+ on wifi anywhere near main router and 160+ at outer areas on mesh point. i get 30 mbps across the street in my neighbor’s front yard. i’ve installed amplifi hd for a couple of clients and a friend, all with similar results.

  • @mike-pires you are getting those speeds because you are not using pppoe, i think you are using the Amplifi in bridge mode with hw-nat activated. With a pppoe connection hw nat is not working and you are getting max 730 Mbit/ sec on wire.

  • @mike-pires

    I did some test creating a network with 2 router and in DHCp ir can push about 900 MBit which is not 1000+, In PPoE you wont ever get near that also the port forwarding bug still persist even in this mode

    The only way to get full Gigabit is in bridge mode where the nat is disabled but that remove you the ability to have guest network

    SO what i did i just use another router that can do full Gigabit flat without HW nat or other things to worry about it does just do 1 Gbit no firmware or bug fix to be worried about and cost less then the Amplifi after that i just installed an AP-PRO on the ceiling and this way i get better internet speed and better wifi for the same price of the amplify or about without all those problem related to the firmware

  • @mike-pires Their support is stellar till they hide behind their policy and turn you in their own free Q/A testing staff of course unpaid...

  • @popescu-sorin correct, not ppoe but incorrect also not bridge mode.

  • @mike-pires in bridge it does 1 Gbit of course but then it is no longer a router just a dumb switch. DHCP non bridge works sort off but to me this product is more like a test for ubnt and not a consumer ready device, OR at least they released the hardware before the software was ready and in the end could not deliver.

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