Mesh point cracking noise

  • Is it normal for the mesh points to make some type of “sizzling” noise when connected? Something I just noticed recently when I was very close to the unit. When I plug them in there is no sound until they actually synchronize with the router then I can detect a very faint noise that sounds like crackling. This is actually on both of the mesh points although one seems to be louder than the other. The noise is definitely coming from the mesh point because I listen to it with the stethoscope to be 100% certain. Has anyone else noticed this and is this normal if so?

  • @harlow-quinn I am researching this now and will post back when I have results.

  • Following as I am having the same issue. @harlow-quinn

  • Is your unit an Australian one because they had a really call.on them.

  • I have had the team look into this and its normal behavior. It's from the power transformer pass-through energy using PWM modulation. This is usual normal operating behavior in AC-DC applications.

  • @UI-Brett I contacted the support team few days ago with the exact problem and was told to request a return. I wonder if the problem is indeed a cosmetic one or the devices are faulty. Both my mesh points are exhibiting this behavior from day one and I purchased a brand new mesh system through the online EU store. The noise disappears for a few seconds while the mesh point is connecting, but after a successful connection becomes permanent - I don’t mind returning the device and get a new one, but I wonder if the issue would be solved in the new unit.

  • @dharalanov I have heard similar sounds coming from mine, but I have been assured its normal (and I have to be very quiet and physically place my ear on mine to hear it). But I have also listened to video from other users where it's loud enough to hear from a few feet away and those units just need to be replaced. I would follow the steps you were given and request an exchange.

  • @UI-Brett Got it, thank you! I filed an RMA request and it got approved, but after sending an email to the RMA team I am told I only need to return the 2 mesh points back (I’ve purchased the kit). I am also reading that the 2 mesh points are hard-wired with the router, so you can’t replace them. I am confused as to whether I need to return just the mesh points or the whole kit.

  • @dharalanov The mesh points that come in a kit cannot be used in any other system, but stand alone units can be added to a kit, so in this scenario just adding two new mesh points and sending back the defective mesh points will work. In addition, this prevent us from needing the router back, which means your network can stay in your house and up and running (to some extent) while the exchange is processed.

  • @UI-Brett I understand, thank you! One last question - in the AmpliFi mobile application if the 2 mesh points are not turned on, they are shown as offline. When I send them back and get the replacements, would the old mesh points still be shown in the mobile application? Is there are some procedure that I need to follow?

  • @dharalanov When they are offline you can select the "Hide" option, which will delete them from your view permanently. This is what you will want to do once your replacements are up and running.

  • @UI-Brett I have the same problem on a new Amplifi kit I just received. I'm asking the RMA team whether I can simply return the power units or the antennas but they don't seem to understand the issue. I don't want to send the whole kit back from the UK to the Czech Republic if possible since this will be expensive, and they don't seem to be willing to pay the postage even though this is a manufacturing defect. Could you confirm exactly what I should return here please? Regards Owen

  • Hi . Im having the same problem.

    Just got My Kit 1 week ago.

    I Also have Sounds coming from mesh points.
    Its not loud but its there.

    So if its loud I should create an rma, if its not so loud, its normal.
    Either way its something that shouldnt be there??

    Im confused.... 😊

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