Mesh point cracking noise

  • Is it normal for the mesh points to make some type of “sizzling” noise when connected? Something I just noticed recently when I was very close to the unit. When I plug them in there is no sound until they actually synchronize with the router then I can detect a very faint noise that sounds like crackling. This is actually on both of the mesh points although one seems to be louder than the other. The noise is definitely coming from the mesh point because I listen to it with the stethoscope to be 100% certain. Has anyone else noticed this and is this normal if so?

  • @harlow-quinn I am researching this now and will post back when I have results.

  • Following as I am having the same issue. @harlow-quinn

  • Is your unit an Australian one because they had a really call.on them.

  • I have had the team look into this and its normal behavior. It's from the power transformer pass-through energy using PWM modulation. This is usual normal operating behavior in AC-DC applications.

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