Apartment Setup

  • Dear all,

    Pardon me. But would like to just know more about AmpliFi Mesh Routers

    i live in a big 1 floor apartment and i am interested in AmpliFi Mesh HD.
    Because each room has 1 x Cat 5E Cable installed already. But would like to play games through cabled means and also have some wifi in the room.

    This way, should i just buy 3 x AmpliFi HD router(1 x Living Room / 1 x Bedroom1 / 1 x Bedroom2) to have a seamless wifi & also to have options for direct connection for other devices?

  • @joey-chan If you have cat 5E options in each of those rooms then going with stand alone HD devices and meshing them together is by far the best route to go! Now do you need a router in each room? That honestly depends on distance and interference. You can use an AmpliFi HD (along with a switch if more ports are needed) to make each rooms ethernet port live, but adding additional routers to blanket your home in WiFi might not be necessary. What type of materials are most common in your home as well as the sq ft.? Do you currently have any dead zones with your current network?

  • @UBNT-Brett Thanks for replying!

    The amplifi HD router has 4 ports behind, so i was thinking of using 3 amplifi HD with ethernet backbone for each rooms. so im not sure if it works like Ubiquiti Unifi APs.

    1. All rooms have 1 Ethernet Point (built 20 years ago, im really thinking it might be just Cat 5, not too sure if it's Cat 5e, will check in a bit)
    2. Each rooms are quite far apart and gaming is a big concern. thus the idea of using 3 amplifi hds.

  • @joey-chan yes that will work! Add each router as a wireless meshpoint first, then toggle on the ethernet backbone setting and plug the ethernet into the WAN ports. This article may help when you start your setup: https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006826048-Ethernet-Wired-Backhaul-How-To

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