PPPoE and hardware NAT

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    I'm looking for a router that would allow me to bypass the ISP provided "modem" (CenturyLink). It looks like Amplifi would work (it supports PPPoE and VLAN tagging, which are two features I need). However, I'm seeing reports that PPPoE and hardware NAT is not supported. I currently get just shy of 1Gbit/s symmetric, so I believe hardware NAT would be necessary to maintain that speed. I noticed the previous topic linked above had no responses, but it was also over a year ago.

    Is there any update on this? I don't want to transition to Amplifi (from google wifi, which does not support vlan tagging, or hardware NAT on PPPoE) just to find that it can't run full speed either.

  • I have CenturyLink fiber and and I'm connected directly to the ONT using PPPoE. Hardware NAT is toggled on in my settings. I think it's working, but I haven't seen any recent info on if it actually is. I get anywhere from 850-750mbps up and down hardwired through a switch to my PC.

    I came from Google WiFi as well and I've seen better wifi speeds, but slower Ethernet speeds. Google Wifi gave me up and down in the 950mbps range, but with a double NAT.

  • Interesting. I get about a 100Mbit/s drop if I use PPPoE on google wifi (with the Centurylink modem in bridge mode), which I had attributed to no hardware NAT, but since that's what you seem to be seeing on Amplifi as well, perhaps there is some other reason (something else that google wifi does that makes it faster, but not in PPPoE mode)... I would hate to have to give up 10+% speed so that's slightly worrying.

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