Teleport fails to reconnect when router is rebooted

  • Teleport is at remote location (obviously). Whenever the router at the remote location is rebooted, the Teleport fails to reconnect.

  • @Chris-Burkart Doing a factory reset and reconfiguring the Teleport again to the same network seems to be the way around it. The factory reset will not break the paring with the home AmpliFi router.

    The Teleport is supposed to automatically connect back with the network it was paired with if it's available. We will attempt to recreate the issue on our end.

  • I have documented this bug in the "Using Teleport to extend home network to cabin" thread in the user story section. If the wifi the Teleport is configured to goes away for any reason the teleport will NOT reconnect....I am waiting for this to be in investigated and fixed as well. A full set of support files are also included in that thread. The only way I have found the teleport to work reliably without being babysat is to connect it an internet connection via the ethernet port.

  • @chris-burkart I have just finished some internal testing and here are my results:

    I was able to replicate your original issue, and here is the reason this happens. When Teleport fails to communicate with the network it was connected to, it will restart the connection process to allow the user to re-establish a connection. Without this trigger, the Teleport would keep trying to connect over and over again until the user performed a factory reset on the device.

    Here is another scenario. You are using Teleport at a local coffee shop and have to leave. When you unplug Teleport it never triggers the failed authentication so the settings stay in tact. When you go back to the coffee shop a few hours later and plug the Teleport back in, it will automatically connect without any action by the user. This is the only scenario it will retain the connection details because the authentication never failed.

    Without the trigger in place for when authentication fails, the user would have to factory reset Teleport every time they needed to change locations. Instead we have this process in place so all you need to do when changing locations is tell Teleport the new credentials, not triggering the reset button with a paperclip.

    The scenario you described is unique because Teleport doesn't know that you haven't changed locations, all it knows is that it can no longer find the network so it starts the connection process over. If we were to change this and have it retain the connection information, then every time you wanted to change locations it would require manually resetting the device.

  • Hi @ubnt-brett - ...hence the request for a "fixed installation" mode/setting for Teleport, or even better, add Teleport functionality to the HD Router as a paid upgrade 🙂

  • @ubnt-brett - thanks. As @Derek-Saville mentions, it would be nice to have a setting for a “fixed installation”. I have a similar setup to @dion-dube and I’m not moving my Teleport around.

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