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  • Does anyone know if there are any plans for the Gamers Edition to be sold at BestBuy? I have been holding out for it to go on sale at BestBuy. I am pretty sure I saw when it was announce that it would be sold on Amazon and BestBuy. It is now at Amazon but not BestBuy. I know it just being stubborn but I try to by all my electronics through Bestbuy for the points and elite plus status. I really need to upgrade and I like the look of the gamers edition in the Black. BestBuy does offer the white but it not the one I prefer.

  • @Joshua-Knight Thanks for reaching out on the community! I don't have an ETA on specific retailers picking up our product. We do hope that BestBuy will add this product to the list of other AmpliFi products that they currently carry.

  • Thanks for the response. I am excited to get the product. Although a friend told me to wait because higher wifi speed version is coming. not sure if this is true or not.

  • @joshua-knight The next version of WiFi is more about density than it is about pure speed. It'll support more simultaneous devices from interfering with one another much better than current WiFi does. But it won't really provide hugely faster speeds or anything. So I guess it depends on what you need. 🙂

  • Hi @shane-milton - if we are talking WiFi 6 and they still avoid dedicated backhaul radios (form over function design) then hopefully they implement mu-mimo with the additional spacial streams to avoid the current mesh point bandwidth penalty

  • @derek-saville Sure, although that can already be mitigated today with additional hardware (radios). But yeah, that's kinda my point. We're not really talking about a doubling of WiFi Max speeds, we're talking about much more nuanced things. I think we're a couple years away from it mattering at all for all but the rarest of circumstances.

  • It’s the antennas that are hard...if you are prioritizing ID and a “profitable” BOM as AmpliFi did with their cubes

    The 3x3 Super-Antenna is a nice piece of engineering to meet those goals but has always seemed a little unbalanced as a su-mimo mesh node in my opinion

    So yeah, WiFi 6 is not a big potential maximum speed upgrade for clients in general - there are some nice efficiency and latency gains

    But AmpliFi’s wireless mesh performance should improve nicely with even just a 4x4:4 mu-mimo WiFi 6 implementation while still allowing them to avoid dedicated backhaul radios

    The interesting bit will be if they can keep the signature cube & round display at an affordable price

    Or will they transition over to something more like the Instant’s form factor

    4x4 would be impressive packaged in a cube
    6x6 is probably doable in a modified Instant
    8x8 aspirational...

    Maybe they will think ‘outside the box’ and go for a cylindrical form and top mounted display a-la HomePod???

  • @derek-saville Keep in mind that AmpliFi is targeting the average tech-loving consumer, not the prosumer. I highly doubt they'll go crazy here. As you said, BOM is important.

    I still want them to release a Prosumer version with a ~$50-75 increase in price. 😄

    Buuuuuttttt........ To circle back around to the original point for @Joshua-Knight: Because of all of these things, I don't think we're close enough to "WiFi 6" being important to wait on making a purchase. I just don't think WiFi 6 will be something to really consider until 2021.

  • Hi @shane-milton - that's why I wasn't sure if you and @Joshua-Knight were speculating over a WiFi 6 release - he only mentioned a "higher WiFi speed version" which, as you stated, isn't necessarily WiFi 6 related

    I wouldn't personally expect WiFi 6 from AmpliFi until Q4 or CES 2020, but who knows...
    It is just my opinion that WiFi 6 will help them in many respects, but they need to be 4x4 minimum to take advantage of it and stay relevant considering their design philosophy

    Looking forward to seeing what they come up with

  • Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to everyone. Yes I was talking about Wifi 6. As you can see by my poorly written questions I am a average tech-loving consumer and not a prosumer. I really want to upgrade my network but people I trust keep saying to wait for Wifi 6 version. We have about 15+ devices ( iphones, ipads, consoles, Firesticks, dots, appliances, etc) connected to my existing setup. Sounds like from what I read that Wifi 6 would help that. I am so conflicted on what to do and I am afraid to get this and then a month later be like Wifi 6 version comes out and is better. I know there is always the next great thing but I was hoping for this to be a multi year solution and without knowing if an upgrade will be coming soon it hard to decide.

  • @joshua-knight One thing to consider with WiFi 6 is that your current devices potentially do not contain the hardware required to achieve the performance from a WiFi 6 router. If you do not want to replace all hardware that is limited to WiFi 5, the waiting for a WiFi 6 router might not be the correct move. Keep in mind, WiFi 5 devices will be compatible, just won't benefit from the increase in top speed.

  • That is a good thing to consider. Do you know will there be a Wi-Fi 6 version anytime soon are we a long ways off.

  • @joshua-knight I do not know how long if at all at the moment.

  • My guess is that they are waiting for the final standard of WiFi 6 before moving to it due to the constant changes being made to I because it's in the draft stage last time I checked, I'm open to being wrong.

    Also to fully take advantage of the standard all devices have to support it for the maximum benefit, it's quite a few years off being the standard in use.

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