Wifi back to ethernet

  • I'm thinking about buying an AmpliFi Mesh system but I have one question that I can't seem to find an answer to. Apologies if I missed something obvious.

    In my setup there is a device, which would be located about 15m away from the router, that can't do Wifi. It needs to be connected via an ethernet port. Running an ethernet cable from the router to the device is not an option. Neither is using a powerline LAN. How would I connect this device to the mesh network?

  • Hi @erik-d - an additional standalone HD Router or standalone Instant Router can be added to any AmpliFi mesh and will function as both a mesh point and provide Ethernet access to remote devices. HD Routers have 4 LAN ports, and Instants have 1 LAN port, but also lower spec's.

    If you are considering an AmpliFi Mesh WiFi System, the wireless mesh points included in the kit will not have this remote LAN capability.

    It is difficult to make a recommendation without knowing more details about the installation environment.

    Consider that the Mesh System kit list price is $340, but you can get 2 standalone HD Routers for $300 if 2 access points can cover your site knowing one has to be 15m away for the device you mentioned.

  • Thank you, @Derek-Saville. Now I understand. I think I really might get away with just two routers in this case. And if that doesn't cover everything, I can always add one of the smaller mesh points elsewhere.

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