Cannot Remove Hyphen from Additional SSID

  • Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions to workaround the underlying issue in this post.

    Request: Can you remove the automatic '-' (hyphen) that is inserted into the SSID that gets broadcast, when using the "Additional SSID" feature. (e.g., I enter ABC, and what is broadcast is "ABC-2G".) As far as i can tell, the hyphen is not functional, other than to corrupt an alphanumeric SSID I'm trying to create for a 2GHz-only network for a particular device. I like my Amplifi, but don't like to extra sauce that comes with it in very few cases. This particular sauce doesn't seem to add any flavor...

    Background: I'm trying to get a legacy device online. It is a wi-fi weight scale (i.e. does this mesh router make me look fat), demanding 802.11b protocol. It also requires alphanumeric SSID and password.

    More less relevant background and further ramblings: With an older router, I had it on a network running 802.11a/b/c/d/e/f... etc (ok, you get it, but i don't recall the specific suffixes). With my Amplifi, it doesn't seem to connect. It could be the device having other issues, and it hasn't been a top priority to trouble shoot this in the past, but i have peeps in my house now eager to get fit in an otherwise previously sedentary household.

    But seriously, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!

    p.s., Ubiquiti: Refer also to my email Ticket 137961 for more specifics. The result was to forward me to the community to post for a solution or potential development request.

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