My Amplifi Experience...

  • So I have a super complicated wifi network that covers 7 acres and three buildings - two of them being metal. In between these buildings, I paid a guy to come out and install Ubiquiti Nano AC Antennas that essentially act like an ethernet backhaul between a bunch of old school apple wifi routers.

    This network has been up and running for about seven years and while performance hasn't kept up with the times, I've been too intimidated to do anything about it. A day or two of down time just isn't an option for me as I work from home.

    Anyway, I finally reached my pain threshold and ordered the following:

    Amplifi HD Mesh system
    Amplifi HD standalone
    Amplifi Instant

    Today, I got the goods and started with the install. I had one minor setback and called Amplifi support. Turns out the guy I got on the phone is the same guy that was helping me with pre-purchase decisions on Reddit. He gave me a simple pointer and I went back to work. Not more than twenty minutes later and I'm seeing upload and download speeds almost twice of what I was having before.

    I am crazy impressed with the product (reminds me of early Apple... both in packaging and the fact that it just seems to work), but also the support. Crazy good... and I am super happy.

    Anyway, here's a diagram of what I have going on. Prolly simple for a lot of you, but it was crazy for a non IT guy like me.

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