Using the Teleport at a second location for Hulu Live TV

  • i was wanting to use Hulu Live in two different locations. Location 1 I have 50 meg upload speed. Location 2 where I will use the Teleport, I was wanting to feed my wireless router into the teleporter and feed all my smart tv's of it. Has anyone tried this and what type of issues have you had as far as lags and delays?

  • Hi @david-law - I have a fixed installation Teleport similar to what you are proposing, but no experience with HULU LIVE on smart tv's.

    My Teleport connects at the remote site to it's network main router via WiFi and I have an HD Router installed as an Ethernet backhaul meshpoint via the Teleport's Ethernet LAN connection. This functions just as if it was a meshpoint on your home network.

    So I make sure the Teleport SSID is different from the home network and just ignore it.

    The remote HD meshpont then broadcasts your home network SSID and all of the Ethernet ports are logically on your home network.

    I do it this way for the additional remote Ethernet ports, the HD's WiFi is stronger than Teleport's, and the HD Router does tend to keep some remote traffic localized, for instance using Airplay between Apple devices, versus Teleport would route all remote traffic back to the home network.

    In general it works.
    If a device is very latency sensitive I see a lot of pausing and buffering making it unusable.
    But I use things like Amazon Prime and live TV streaming apps on an iPad all the time with good results.

    I have tried every combination I can think of...Teleport Ethernet WAN vs. WiFi, dedicated bridged HD Teleport server at home, installed a bridged Edge Router Smart Queue buffer at the home network.
    I haven't tried using a Gamer's Edition with it's latency QoS mode yet.

    In my opinion Teleport desperately needs the kernel mode VPN with streaming optimizations they were working on over a year a ago but still have not released.
    They also need a 2nd generation Teleport with dual independent LAN & WAN Ethernet so WiFi can be taken out of the chain.
    Ideally they would just sell an HD Router as a dedicated remote site Teleport device and I have pleaded with @UBNT-Brett to just offer a Teleport firmware upgrade for a price...

    I cannot say how well it will work for your home connection, which sounds very strong (full duplex?), and your remote network devices.
    It's something you really have to test and be prepared to fiddle with it along with some frustration.
    There are a lot of variables in play, but I would say it is worth trying.

    Please let us know how it goes!

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