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  • I have recently upgraded my internet service to 1gb. The tech showed me 960mb at the modem, however when I test the speed on my PC wired directly to the Amplifi mesh router I am only getting 460mb. Is the Amplifi mesh router capable of 1gb speed?

  • @anthony-ross Did you enable Hardware NAT? It's in the web interface.

  • I am having the same issues with this hardware/firmware and @UBNT-Brett is aware. I am hoping they release a new firmware to fix these issues soon.

  • @scott-mckinney Your issue may be different from his because you can hit gig speeds they just drop later. @Anthony-Ross, it more than likely is Hardware NAT needs to be enabled, or if your ISP runs IPv6 then enabling that.

  • @chris-dunlop Hi Chris, I have now, thanks for the tip. Next question :-). what about the WiFi speed. I know there's degradation, but is there a setting that improves the WiFi signal speed.

  • @ubnt-brett Hi Brett, I've enabled the HW NAT, thanks for getting back to me. Is there anything I can do to improve the WiFi speed. Currently, we get around 392mbps download and upload is 41mbps, from a 1gb pipe from Spectrum. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    I have a similar issue. I have gigabyte service from CenturyLink. When I had their modem/router hooked up I had 500mb down over wifi when close to the router, and 900+ when using ethernet.

    With the Amplifi I have ~300mb over wifi, and only 600 over ethernet. Is it possible to improve this?

    I have hardware NAT enabled.

    Thank you.

  • Same issues I have been having along with several other members on this board. I sent my logs in to Amplifi for review, they said they could not find a problem, disappointing support...I am currently awaiting a new firmware to hopefully fix this issue.

  • If it would help them at all, I would be more than happy to provide logs.

  • I also have 1GB service from Suddenlink and can't draw more than 420 through the router. Getting half of what I oay for (almost). I was led to believe this was the router to buy for 1Gig service.

  • @jason-lloyd Make sure Hardware NAT is enabled, and if you have a modem/router combo devices from your ISP that it is placed in bridge mode. If its not or can't, AmpliFi will need to be placed in bridge mode.

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