Enterprise Networks are not supported

  • Well this stinks. The advertising of the product clearly states it will work on "Any WiFI", but no ability to connect to an Enterprise Wireless network. Is this something that will eventually be added or is there some sort of workaround?

  • @Carmine-Granucci So were you attempting to use the Teleport off of your enterprise network? Or do you have the Teleport paired with your AmpliFi router at home and you are trying to tunnel out of your enterprise network to your home network? Just trying to get some clarfication.

    There is a work around if you are trying to tunnel into your enterprise network. You will have to setup port forwarding options through your enterprise networks firewall.

  • Hi @ubnt-kevin - what is the work around when the enterprise's guest SSID is hidden? (I happen to be sitting at one right now)

    And most enterprise IT will not setup a port forward for something like a Teleport - not for employees, not for contractors

  • Hey @derek-saville, there is no work around for hidden SSID's, there is no way for the Teleport to manually connect to a hidden network.

    Yes most IT departments will not do port forwarding through their network, not worth the risk.

  • Yes. Was hoping to access some resources from home while I was at the office. My Teleport is already sync'ed with home, but it won't connect to the enterprise wifi. I would recommend at least changing the marketing on this device, since I assumed it would be able to connect since it clearly says "ANY" Wifi network (no asterisks or clearly stating no dice on Enterprise Networks).

  • Hi @carmine-granucci - sometimes you can kluge together a travel router in bridge mode to access WiFi portals that Teleport cannot handle...

    But this doesn't always work either!
    Pretty embarrassing for something Teleport should be capable of on its own

    Hi @UBNT-Kevin - maybe change the hide SSID options in the AmpliFi router app UI to something more accurate like "Block Teleport Access"???

  • Hey @derek-saville, sorry if I caused any confusion. I meant that you cannot connect the Teleport to other hidden SSID's, it has nothing to do with your home AmpliFi network.

  • Sorry for my sarcasm @ubnt-kevin - I use AmpliFi routers at various remote locations and often connect a Teleport to them to tunnel back home, and I need the single Ethernet port on the LAN side

    So hiding an SSID on a remote HD or Instant router essentially breaks your own Teleport product...which is surprising that you would allow considering the advertising was about using Teleport at say a grandparent's house, where one would presumably be using other AmpliFi products

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