Mesh Point appears to be bad

  • I just bough an Amplifi HD yesterday and one of the Mesh points gives poor download speeds when you connect to it.

    • Our internet speed tops out around 60-70 Mbps down and 6 to 7 Mbps up, and that's what we're getting all over the house over wifi,
    • except on this mesh point where it's between 0 and 10 Mbps down on speed tests, often fails them entirely, and yet the upload remains at 6 or so Mbps up.
    • The ISP test in the Amplifi app shows consistently good speeds.
    • I updated the firmware on all 3 parts of the Amplifi setup when I got it, so I'd presume this problematic mesh point is on 2.9.3 like the other one and the router itself.
    • I can see the connected unit on the client details section, and I named them so I know where the problem is coming from.
    • I tried moving it to another plug closer to the router and it didn't help, at both points it was reporting 100% signal strength. So I disconnected it and am getting good speed when connected to the router.

    I'm not excited about having to return this, and a big part of the appeal of the amplifi is that it's simple and stable, so I wanted to see if there's a very simple and easy one time process that I can do to get this to operate properly without a lot of troubleshooting.

  • @elliot-m-smith tested wifi man to see what the best WiFi channel is.

  • Checked for conflicting networks via iStubler, didn't see any. Did a factory reset the mesh point, and now it's not being seen by the Amplifi app, so now it's a non-functioning mesh point.

    Additionally connecting to the functioning mesh point appears to only happen at 2.4ghz, which seems odd.

  • @elliot-m-smith Thank you for sharing. If you perform a factory reset on a mesh point from a kit, it will not be able to pair to the kit again until the router is reset as well. Unfortunately at this point you will need to reset your whole network (keep the same SSID and password if you want all of your clients to automatically connect)

    In the application you can see which band the mesh points are connecting with (5GHz or 2.4GHz.) It may be out of 5GHz range where it is placed.

    To test the mesh point for a possible defect, can you swap the mesh points location? So take Mesh Point A and move it to where Mesh Point B was and vice versa. This will tell us if it is interference in the area, or the mesh point thats causing the issue.

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