Is the teleport software broken?

  • I have posted this before but I'm completely confused in that if this true, why it has gone on so long.

    Factory reset teleport - success
    Configure teleport ssid and password - success
    Pair it using wireless hotspot - success
    Update fw to 2.9.3 - success
    Use teleport without issue - success

    Disable hotspot and teleport starts it's whole circle flash.

    At this point I can no longer see the teleport ssid.

    I turn on my hotspot and the teleport ssid is visible again.

    Is this really how this is supposed to work?

    In this state the teleport is unusable for me as I use it in hotel rooms that fluctuate WiFi ssid all the time. In the past I would connect and get the webpage to select the network, I can't access this page if the ssid is hiding.

    I do have another teleport factory sealed from the Kickstarter campaign. If this is not how the teleport is supposed to function I can try that device, only if advised to.

    I cannot factory reset this device everyday, that's crazy.

  • @michaele 2.9.3 on Teleport is beta firmware, so the process will be a little different from what you are used to.

    on 2.7.1, when the network you are connected to is no longer being broadcast (Teleport no longer gets ACK from that network) It will restart the connection process just like you described, the webpage for you to configure your network connection again would then appear.

    A similar scenario and reasoning was posted here:

  • @ubnt-brett right so any version above 2.7 doesn't work? I don't get it...

    When Teleport fails to communicate with the network it was connected to, it will restart the connection process to allow the user to re-establish a connection.

    Mine does not do this. It never gives me the ssid selection screen. Worse, it also goes offline every 24 hours since that's when the paygate reintroduces itself.

    Why it is any different then how it worked in 2.7?

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