regular reboots to connect Brother Wifi printer.

  • My Amplifi needs to be rebooted each time my Wireless Brother printer (MFC-J470W) disappears.
    Repowering the printer does not fix the disconnection. Rebooting Amplifi does.
    It has happened in the past with earlier firmware, but was fairly good on the 2nd to last firmware. However the latest firmware (2.9.3) seems the worst for this occuring.

    I only print every few days, so i'm not sure when the printer "drops off", but this happens every few days.

  • @richard-evans I have a Brother printer myself and I face this issue as well, but my problem lies with the printer itself ( I need to launch the Brother Control Center software every time I need to print from my PC).

    If you launch the AmpliFi app do you no longer see the printer in your list of connected devices?

    Here are a few things you could try:

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