Looking to buy AmpliFi for gigabit home

  • After ripping my hair out trying to get an Orbi to work, I'm looking at purchasing an AmpliFi and have some questions before I buy, to make sure it will fit my needs or determine if I need to explore a UniFi system:

    • I have CenturyLink fiber terminated at an external ONT. My router needs to terminate PPPoE and have VLAN support to avoid buying CL's modem. Can AmpliFi router do this?
    • If so, does this negate the use of hardware NAT/offloading? This detail bit me on my last purchase.
    • Assuming the above are true, can I reasonably expect to get my full gigabit connection speed to devices hard-wired to the mesh router?
    • Is the AmpliFi system a true mesh or a hub-and-spoke like Orbi? My home is 2 floors + basement, the router and wired devices live in the basement, and I'm trying to determine the best placement for the mesh points

    Thanks in advance!

  • @nick-meyer AmpliFi will need a providers modem in order to use AmpliFi ( It does not have any fiber connections). AmpliFi does not have PPPoE or VLAN support either, so if those are critical for you, UniFi might be the route you want to go.

    AmpliFi does support Gig speeds when Hardware NAT is enabled, and it is reasonable to expect that performance hardwired. AmpliFi is a true mesh system, if you were to mesh multiple AFI-R's together the Ethernet ports would be live and you also would have the option for Ethernet Backhaul on the routers.

    Hope this helps!

  • @ubnt-brett I'll be the first to admit that I had a million different threads going in my head the day I posted this and failed at research myself, but...

    1. No fiber in the house, it's terminated at the ONT and Cat6 UTP run into the house, so that's no issue.
    2. Having since found the user guide (https://amplifi.com/docs/AmpliFi_UG.pdf) after seeing another post indicating that they have successfully eliminated the CenturyLink modem in their fiber setup, the guide indicates that I do have the ability to set up a PPPoE connection and tag with a VLAN ID. Has this capability since been removed?

    Thanks. I've been trying to find the right balance of cost and what I need, and I'm feeling pretty stung by the Orbi, and just want to make sure I've got my ducks in a row before I go buying again.

  • @nick-meyer I have Centurylink gigabit fiber and I'm using two Amplifi HD's meshed with an ethernet backbone. One is connected directly to the ONT and I have an ethernet backbone to the other through a switch. I don't get the full 1gbps up and down, but I'm usually around 800 down and 850 up which is good enough for me. Just plug in your PPPoE credentials and set the vlan tag to 201.

    The only problem I have is it pulls a 1500 MTU automatically with no way to manually switch it. This causes problems with my Pixel 3 devices, but everything else works fine.

  • @steve-secor Great, thanks for this, exactly the info I needed.

  • @Nick-Meyer if you end up going ahead with this setup, can you please post back here with your experience? @Steve-Secor's post makes me optimistic about all of this, but I'll love to get additional confirmation too.

    I'm on eero now with a double-NAT for my CenturyLink Gig fiber (using a C3000Z for PPPoE/VLAN tagging)... This setup is working fine overall, but I would really love to ditch that C3000Z.

    If I go with Amplifi, I'd be hardwiring 2 HD cube units via ethernet backhaul.

    Thanks very much!

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