Limit bandwidth for users

  • For parantalcontrol I hope a option to limit bandwidth per up or macadress.
    Isabel in the same way than the time limitation (for day or hours) like full speed from 16:00 to 18:00 per day, other times limit to 512kb...

  • Also, I would love the ability to rate-limit the guest network.

  • Both H and Matt have great suggestions and this would be a very useful feature for myself as well.

    I'd also like the scheduled times to stop current sessions as well. So when 'quiet time' is entered into, it doesn't matter what they are doing, movie, gaming, whatever it may be, stop any and all traffic to that subset of devices and not wait for a break or idle in the traffic to enforce it.

  • I have a question on placement? My main office is in our basement and I will most likely have the main hub next to my iMac, just curious on where to put the mesh points? I have a main floor and an upstairs I have 4000 square feet, so based off of what the unit says I should be ok, but some brick walls inside of home etc. Also does this unit do dual or Triband? Sorry for all the questions, just picked it up!

  • Would Also Love this... Or limit by Family Profile by time of day

  • @matt-hoag said in Limit bandwidth for users:

    Also, I would love the ability to rate-limit the guest network.

  • Please implement this! It would complete this router! The "gaming" "streaming" settings do not cut it! I'd say sorry for bring back such and old post but I am not because this feature is so needed! Also it would help as I only have so many gigs a month data!

  • I don’t want to revive old threads, but I still can’t find this feature being implemeted. I think it would be great to have this, mainly for guest network. It’s making perfect sense.

  • This would be a huge help for parental controls - it's useful to be able to limit bandwidth on kids portables.


  • Disappointed to see the top Google result for this was just some thread with no promise.

    When I plug in my Ethernet, I get all the bandwidth & all my roommates get 0 WiFi bandwidth (not enough to realistically use it at least). I need to limit my computer's bandwidth usage so I can still plug in Ethernet without completely cutting off the WiFi of everyone else in the house.

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