Limit bandwidth for users

  • I'm also joining. Very useful feature of used bandwidth.

  • This have to give the developers attention, this function is a must on devices like this. Especially in this price range, i have a cheap 20$ router that actually can limit bandwidth to users.

  • Still no update on whether this is on the roadmap?

  • Looks like this request has been running for a couple of years now, I think I will change my router long before this feature arrives. It would appear to be of no interest to the development team to implement this feature. Disapointed.

  • @vipsteven Agreed. That's why I added new Unifi Wifi6 Lite APs to my network and moved the top traffic offenders there. Still have the Amplifi in use, just not for throttling. Probably what Ubiquiti wants all of us to do anyways.

  • Same as others, when I suggested that they really should add this feature as it would be a massive improvement, especially when your ISP in rural England can only give you 60MBs on a good day. I was told to post a feature request, it's an absolute joke that this is being ignored, considering the price of their routers!

    Lot the range this package gives me, but it's becoming pointless the more the kids grow and start using consoles to play online games etc; all it takes is one of them to download an update, and it's most if not all of the bandwidth gone until it's done

  • Wow a thread about this since 2017 and still nothing?!
    Is this a real serious company?

  • Just had this from their support team this morning, in reply to my message telling them it has been requested since 2017!


    What a joke, they obviously don't read these.

  • Does this mean now it will take another 5 years to take a decision ?

  • @Eric35 apparently they won't even look at it, unless I submit a new feature request, even though they already have this one...

  • @adam-didwell And what about Wifi Schedule 0ff/0n ?
    At specific time

  • @Eric35 I guess the best way you could do that with current tech, is to setup profiles with all the devices assigned to them and add a schedule of when the Internet is allowed on. I do that for my kids so their WiFi turns off at a set time, and doesn't come back on to the morning

  • @adam-didwell The most important is people want to turn 0ff Wifi in the router from schedule, so the router will sleep a little.

  • Add me to the list of users that want this, please.

  • @David-Woolston they won't add any of us to the list, they claim we need to add a new feature request, even though this one already exists!

  • 5 years later but I also want this...

  • I guess I'm keeping this ball rolling. It's May 2022 and still no method to limit bandwidth on users/devices. The only thing I can think of is placing a second router that DOES have the ability between the Amplifi and the devices you want to limit. Any wireless devices you want to limit are forced to use an SSID assigned on that 2nd router. Then just plug the second router into one of the Ethernet ports on the Amplifi. So example: Parents needing/wanting full bandwidth connect to the Amplifi router. Kids, Relatives, Guests are connected to the 2nd router. It's not the best solution, but it's a workaround. Of course it's a little more complex if you want everyone to be able to access locally hosted servers. But that's for another topic.

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