Future Feature Transparency

  • Amplifi's parent company, Ubiquiti, has great transparency on their upcoming releases on their forums. Something I feel Amplifi is severely lacking is transparency, so perhaps implementing something like this would be helpful to the community ad-writ.


  • Seems that your rather negative towards this platform as a whole reading your farwell post in the forum.

    imho the devs are focused on the platform and are delevering patches for the hardware and do disclouse what features are being worked on.

    So if your unhappy just stop using the platform in general cause the whining isnt gonna grab any attition its just gonna be ignored.

  • Hi @peter-skopa - where are you receiving the disclosures of ideas that have been accepted and are being worked on?
    Public beta release notes can inform what to test, but I have never seen alpha disclosures or feature road maps similar to UniFi

    If someone experiences a multitude of simultaneous bugs, usability issues and/or product failures it can be very frustrating
    I would consider listing those issues more as venting that frustration and just another form of a feature wish list

    All of the items @Jayson-Knight listed are common known issues absolutely needing attention from the devs (except the USB port that will never happen)

    • Teleport = doesn't work and they have only very recently indicated they are working on it again
    • Slowdowns when deploying mesh points into an existing wifi network = true
    • "bridge"mode and not working behind various gateways = true
    • Poor integration into networks with existing IP services deployed (no ability to turn off DHCP?) = true
    • Unused USB port = they have communicated this will always be true
    • web UI/mobile app point of failure = true, you may have to reset and it isn't pleasant
    • turn off radios in backhaul scenarios = nice to have under certain circumstances, but unlikely to be implemented

    So I sincerely hope they do not ignore user requests, just as @UBNT-Brett 'liked' the original post above

  • @peter-skopa So me posting ideas as to how Amplifi can do better is whining??? Wow. Just because I had a bad experience with the platform doesn't mean I don't want them to succeed, and I just funneled close to $1500 in their parent company by buying a ton of equipment from them. Their parent company is doing many things right, so why wouldn't I want to see Amplifi adopt some of their practices?

    I'll continue posting about areas I can see Amplifi doing better at so they don't lose more customers like me, not sure how that's a problem my man. If I was in Amplifi's position, I'd want as much feedback as possible from power users like myself so they can do better.

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