My updated wishlist of features

    1. IOT Network isolation: Multiple VLANS with varying levels of access to/from other networks and/or the internet. This way I can have a network of locally-controlled IOT devices that have no internet access for devices I don't really trust. Likewise, I want some IOT devices that has access to the Internet but does not have access to my internal computers nor are visible to my Guest network, but are accessible from my internal computers. Lots of thoughts around this beyond what's mentioned here!
    2. Automatic monthly data usage resets: Resets to 0 on the display on my billing date.
    3. Settings Backup: Have settings backup cover a few more things (SSIDs, Guest Network settings, etc). I'm fine with passwords staying out of this.
    4. User Portals: Feature parity between app & web site.
    5. Ethernet port on Meshpoints: I'd like just a single ethernet port on the side of a Meshpoint base.
    6. USB-C Power Standardization: There's something off with units that take USB Type-C as a power source. I have several high-quality USB-C chargers that can deliver much more power than required at 9V that my AFi-R still does not work with. If it were just one or two, I'd question my chargers. I've tried ~7 and none have worked.
    7. AmpliFi Pro: Device with more horsepower and maybe more antennae/etc. Probably larger & more expensive.
    8. UniFi Integration: This is a bit of an alternative to the above "AmpliFi Pro" idea. Allow me to use some UniFi equipment (perhaps a USG?) to augment my AmpliFi to provide some additional power for various scenarios. Still let me manage things via my AmpliFi app even if in this configuration my AmpliFi must go into Bridge Mode as it delegates routing to the UniFi equipment. I would understand if there were only a limited number of integration scenarios that would be supported (i.e. only AmpliFi access points are supported, for instance).
    9. Advanced Usage History: Would like something that moves in the direction of UniFi's implementation. Perhaps not to the point where deep packet inspection is done (although that would be nice!) but something with some history that we can look at and analyze maybe? It's okay if this requires a USB flash drive plugged into the back for storage. 🙂
    10. Ethernet/WiFi Parity: Some functionality seems to only be present for WiFi and not for ethernet-connected devices. QoS is an example, not sure what others are. Bring these features to par with both types of clients.
    11. More display customization: I wish my display could simultaneously show the time as well as the current active bandwidth. I default to the latter but I'd like both.
    12. Default Display: Whenever my AFi-R reboots, it always boots up to the clock screen. Let me specify the screen that it boots to.


  • @shane-milton Thank you for the suggestions, I will add it to our list for consideration.

  • Can you add a useable USB port to that list?

  • @nikholas-pappas Not one of my wishes, sorry. I thought about it but came to the conclusion that I would NEVER use it. So I didn't put it on there. I had other ideas too that didn't make the cut.

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