Amplifi Mesh WARNING.

  • I've been using UniFi at most of my clients houses, it's been great.  Unless you have a USG, you can't do an easy speed test (and we all know clients saying It's Slow!...when it usually is thier device or something isn't plugged in, or a big download is happening in the background...thank you Apple...ugh).

    So, I started using Amplifi so clients can add mesh points easy peasy or I can run a speed test and quickly see what's going on.  Here is where UniFi is better (currently).  If you use a UniFi wireless uplink, you can set that particular device with channels and widths to your choosing.  NOT THE CASE WITH AMPLIFI.

    This is the scenario: Amplifi router, configured to use 2.4 at 20 width and 5 at 20 (let's say...instead of the defualt 80, we all know why that can cause trouble for wisps).  If you set the meshpoints to connect to the mesh backbone on the 5, it will do so and broadcast to client devices using 2.4...or 5 maybe at the set widths).  HOWEVER, if you set a mesh point to connect using 2.4 as the mesh backbone, it will broadcast AT 80!!! and that CAN'T be changed....width or channel, it will use 80 at the top end.

    Luckily my sectors are in DFS range so I don't get interference, but if you are a WISP and not using those ranges, BE CAREFUL, don't connect any mesh points on 2.4 mesh backbone.

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