IPv6 DNS & Prefix Delegation

  • Current IPv6 is poor as it does not support DNS selection and Prefix Delegation, a standard for most ISPs.

    Without this feature I am forced to keep my ISP router and use AmpliFi in Bridge mode.

    One of the main benefits of IPv6 is a globally addressable address for every host, something not possible with today’s IPv6 support within AmpliFi.

    Can you please add these two essential features as soon as possible?


  • I will add this to our list of suggestions for future updates, thank you for the suggestion.

  • Is the roadmap for future updates public anywhere? Or a rough timeline of when I should expect this feature to become available? Thanks!

  • @niccolò-zapponi We do not currently have a public roadmap listed anywhere. I will look into this and see if we can get something posted on the community soon

  • +1 on this request. I'd really like to be able to use IPv6-PD to assign a /64 (Or even multiple /64 if there are multiple ssid/guest network) to the Amplifi

  • +1 on the request for IPv6 prefix delegation

  • +1

    We have IPv4 DNS configuring, why wouldn't we have the same for IPv6? Xfinity is very picky with IPv6 in my area as in 50%-80% packet-loss if it's disabled.

  • @UBNT-Brett do you have any updates on a timeline for this feature? Thanks.

  • @niccolò-zapponi No timeline for that feature yet, we just began beta testing our next FW but this feature was not on the release notes. I will continue to gather information and see what I can release on the public forum.

  • @ubnt-brett why not open up ssh on the beta releases of Amplifi FW? That way the people who know what they are doing can test and give feedback on features like IPv6 DNS.

    Or enable the USB port to be a serial connection port for the console access if you flat out don't want to open up ssh.

  • So I'm a new customer and I'm pretty disappointed that the AmpliFi HD doesn't support IPv6 Designated Prefix. The rest of the experience seems awesome so far, but even my old Billion router supports this. I probably should have checked more but I saw it supported IPv6 and assumed it would fully support Designated Prefix as it's supposed to be best-in-class.

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