Horrendously slow wifi , hard wired fine.

  • So as of this morning (when I tripped my breaker and restarted my router etc) my wifi has been awful.
    Its been stable for about 8 months before this.
    Hard wired, zero issues, but right every wifi device (40+ of them) around the home are horribly slow.
    Netflix wont even start
    Browsing is awful etc etc etc.
    Ive tried multiple reboots of the cable modem and router etc. to no avail. which is obviously the usual quick easy fix.
    beyond that, I dont really know what to check.
    Im running both 2.4 and 5ghz networks,
    Any help would be great... sorry if im vague, im not sure what info you guys might want to help... desperate tho

  • factory defaults fixed it.. no idea why it got jacked to begin with, but I guess crisis averted.

  • @ryan-labarre it's most likely that due to every firmware changing something there was traces of old configuration data left over and the factory reset fixed it.

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