Optimum configuration for ATT fiber/BGW210 and 3 IP addresses?

  • Running the much-discussed Arris BGW 210 modem. I understand it assigns the IP address but that it can be configured to allow one additional IP address through an ethernet port. Ordinarily, that would be good both for the modem and for the Ampilfi to do their things. But... I connect remotely to a secure federal network that requires use of a VPN. Which creates its own IP address. Thus, 3 IP addresses. BGW210 says no way (at least, that I've read).

    So- set up as double NAT with the Amplifi providing only wifi and no features. The VPN works with this. Here's where I get lost: upload speed is 52Mbps, download averages 31Mbps. The hardwired connection from the BGW210 to the router and its hardwired devices get the full 1000.

    I've only had the Amplifi a few days. Seems I've spent a very good portion of them searching forum posts for advice. Surely there's a better solution than this-- the Airport Extreme network the Amplifi replaced managed 200 Mbps more often than not (but with much weaker signal strength). Suggestions / advice, and even smarta** remarks welcome, because I'm really stuck.

  • @colin-tucker said in Optimum configuration for ATT fiber/BGW210 and 3 IP addresses?:

    So- set up as double NAT with the Amplifi providing only wifi and no features

    Does this mean you are using AmpliFi in bridge mode? when in bridge mode it should not be creating a double NAT.

  • Ah- yes. Not double NAT. Just bridge mode. Oddly, nothing about performance changed 24 hours after this post. But after 30 hours, speeds improved to 97 up and 65 down. So, progress! And then 12 hours later, 25 down / 50 up. Wacky.

    There are several support threads on other boards about enabling IP passthrough, manually assigning IP addresses and thereby forcing the BGW into bridge mode, allowing the Amplifi (eero, too, for those who care) to deploy its full feature set. Can ubiquiti verify these and add them to the FAQ or forum? Because that would make Amplifi way more compelling than it already is for people with fibre connections. Which will be everyone (except my AOL parents) in 5 years. Ask and I'll share links if you like to the guidance on how-to. I just don't have the IT sophistication to try forcing things like new IP addresses onto hardware without supervision. Too leery of breaking what I just bought, and not knowing how to fix it.

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