Number of clients?

  • Anyone know the number of max clients per mesh router before you start to see your network being to crawl?

  • @chito-sien I have over 50 without it breaking a sweat. I do not know what kind of limit there might be.

  • 78 clients here and works a breeze. Fantastic speed a coverage and hardly a glitch in over 12 month now 🙂

  • I got a reply from support the other day and they mentioned 128 per router.

    70? No way. I have around 50-60 both 2.4 and 5ghz and it’s started to crawl. Not a huge one though. I was using two mesh routers connected wirelessly and with all those devices getting around 100/85. I actually pay for 150/150 on FIOS and with the 2nd Gen eero I’m getting just that. For some reason though, i still want to keep my AMPLIFI.

  • @chito-sien 128 is correct because of the lease table at default configuration. Performance is going to vary per use case because the types of devices connected will demand more bandwidth than others. You said your Eero supported the speeds when all devices were connected where AmpliFi suffered? Can you give me an idea on what type of devices you are using and how frequently they are utilizing the network so we can seek to improve in this area.

  • @ubnt-brett thanks for your input. Correct, I also have the 2nd gen eero routers. Without the beacons. I’m able to sustain 150/150 or pretty darn close to it. Range however, is t as great as the AMPLIFI.

    It’s a mixture of 5ghz and 2 ghz devices, around 50 of them, Apple idevices including an iMac and MBP, Alexa echos and dots, WiFi thermostat, WiFi bulbs, fire sticks, etc. I’m thinking the eeros 3rd band gives its the advantage vs amplifies 2 band.

  • I’m starting to have problems with reliability and have 100 devices. Thinking it may be time to switch to Eero. I have three HD’s and I’m surprised I’m having problems. Lots of devices, but many are smart home things so they just need to keep a connection. Don’t need tons of bandwidth, just the connections.

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